can you bring a tent to the beach?

Are Tents Allowed On The Beach? Staying Cool On The Sand

If you’re looking for a way to stay cool on the sand, you may be wondering are tents are allowed on the beach? The answer to that question depends on where you are, what time of year it is, and what kind of tent. Most beaches have rules about using tents, and many beaches prohibit tents during busy season. However, there are some beaches where you can use a beach or camping tent during the day without any problems. Just be sure to check your local beach rules before you head out!

Can You Bring A Tent To The Beach?

The short answer is yes, you can bring a tent to the beach. Whether or not it’s allowed depends on your location and the time of year. Many beaches do not allow tents during peak season, when crowds are high and space is limited. During low season, however, some beaches are okay with small tents as long as they are only used during the daytime and are securely fastened to the ground.

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After you’ve decided you want to bring a tent to the beach, it’s time to figure out what kind of tent you wish to bring.

Can You Use A Camping Tent On The Beach?

If you’ve got a tent designed for camping lying around your house, just waiting to be used, you may be tempted to just pack that in with all of your other gear before heading out the door the next time you’re on your way to the beach. And while it may be convenient, there are some pros and cons of using a camping tent on the beach during the day.

Pros For Using a Camping Tent

  • Camping tents are generally more durable than beach tents
  • Can provide more shade from the sun in every direction
  • You likely already have one at home
  • Can offer 4 sides of cover, as well as overhead protection which is great for privacy
  • Easy to set up and break down
  • Can be multipurpose which makes them ideal for packing light.


  • Camping tents often don’t have UV protection built-in like beach tents do, so there’s little to no protection for your skin
  • They are often a light material that will still allow a lot of light and sun inside
  • Not very breathable, especially if it does not have side windows that open up to let air through
  • Can get stifling hot inside
  • Not designed for setting up in sand, so you’ll have to buy items to keep it held down on the beach

If you want to try camping at the beach, make sure to do your research and find a beach that allows camping! And then read up on the best tents for beach camping.

What About A Beach Tent?

Beach tents have beach in the name, so you know that they are more specifically made for bringing with you to the sand and being protected from harmful sun rays. While saying that, there are still some pros and cons of bringing a beach tent.

Keep in mind that there are different types of beach tents, ones that have no walls, ones that have 4 walls, and ones that have any number of walls in between

Pros for Using a Beach Specific Beach Tent

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Many are made with SPF/UV protection to keep you safe in the sun
  • More breathable because they are often made of light, airy materials and are designed with side windows that can open up for ventilation.
  • Easier to set up on the beach, often come with sand bags to fill with sand
  • Can also bring to a park for sun protection

Cons for Beach Tents:

  • Not as durable or sturdy as camping tents
  • Have fewer uses for them, as they are only intended for beach use
  • Can be more of an investment, with some tents costing hundreds of dollars

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Keeping The Tent Secure On The Beach

Regardless of the type of tent you bring to the beach, it’s important to make sure that your tent is securely fastened to the ground. This is especially true if you are using a camping tent, which may not have been designed with sand in mind. You’ll want to bring some type of weight or stakes with you to secure the corners. This will help keep your tent from being blown away into the ocean!

And be sure to bring ones that won’t poke a hole in the base of your tent!

You want a stake that screws in or won’t easily slip out of the sand, like these Orange Screw Ground Anchors.


Overall, bringing a tent to the beach can be a great way to stay cool during those hot summer days. And make sure no matter what you choose that you still wear sunscreen!

Just make sure to check your local beach rules and regulations before you go, to officially answer the question: are tents allowed on the beach? as many places have specific requirements for using tents on the sand. If it is allowed, then decide if a camping tent or beach tent are best suited for your needs, and be sure to secure the corners so that it doesn’t blow away in the ocean breeze!