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How to Be Kind To Nature While at the Beach: 5 Rules To Go By

The beach is a great place to relax, unwind, and soak up the sun, but it’s also a vulnerable ecosystem that needs to be treated with respect. As responsible beach-goers, it’s important to practice proper etiquette to keep the environment clean and safe for both humans, animals, and the ecosystem at large!

These are our 4 rules to live by while enjoying the beach to protect it as much as possible.

Clean Up After Yourself

One of the most important things you can do to respect the environment is to clean up after yourself. Whether it’s a plastic bag that had snacks in it or a sticker off a new beach toy, please please clean it up.

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Many beaches have trash cans by the entrances, and if not, bring that rubbish home with you and throw it away there.

If You Can, Take Care of Extra Trash

Unfortunately, not everyone may share your love and respect for nature. If you see any trash left behind by others, try to pick it up and dispose of it properly. Even if it’s just one can, or one piece of plastic, it’s keeping it out of the ocean and animals that may accidentally eat it.

Use Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Even if you’re not planning on going into the water, if you find yourself at a beach with known reefs in the ocean nearby, use reef safe sunscreen.

Other sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that damage the ocean’s reefs, and even though sunscreen soaks in, it still also comes off in the water. So make sure to choose a sunscreen labeled “reef-safe” to protect not only yourself but also the ocean environment.

Consider something like this Badger Reef-Safe SPF 40 Sunscreen

Respect The Wildlife

When you’re at the beach, it’s essential to recognize and respect the wildlife. Stay away from marked protected areas, so you don’t disturb the animals, their habitats, or known nests. Also, it might be fun to feed the seagulls and have them all near you, avoid feeding them. It can alter their natural diet and might attract more animals than the area can sustain.

If you’re swimming in the ocean, be sure to keep space between you and any fish/turtles/sea creatures you see, as it’s their home.

Protect The Plants & Sand Dunes

Usually there are many signs about if a specific area is off limits for humans to reduce risk of erosion, but try to avoid walking on plants and dunes nearby if they are there for a reason. Many sand dunes are essential for preventing shore erosion, and many plants help stabilize the dunes.

So, when you’re at the beach, try to stick to designated paths and avoid stepping on any vegetation or climbing on sand dunes. This simple action helps preserve the beach & actually still have sand to relax on!

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Going to the beach is a fun and exciting experience, but it’s essential to remember that we all have a role to play in preserving the environment. By following the tips above, you can practice proper etiquette and show respect for nature while enjoying your time in the sun. Remember, even small changes can make a big difference in protecting the ecosystem and ensuring that the beaches stay safe and beautiful for years to come.