folding wagon accessories

Best Folding Wagon Accessories | Radio Flyer Wagon Accessories

folding wagon accessories

There’s no doubt that a folding wagon is an excellent item for carrying heavy stuff and even kids. But you must agree that every wagon deserves the best folding wagon accessories.

Think about putting your kid on the wagon but cannot do it for long because of the harsh sun. Perhaps it’s the groceries that you are afraid will be affected by the heat.

Don’t you think there is something you can do in both cases? Well, you need a beach umbrella or canopy to provide some sun shelter over the wagon.

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Well, we’ll look at these essential wagon accessories and a few others.

In a hurry? Check out the best radio flyer wagon accessories below.

Best Folding Wagon Accessories

  1. Radio Flyer Wagon Canopy – Best Canopy Folding Wagon
  2. Sport-Brella Adjustable Umbrella – Best Umbrella For Folding Wagons
  3. RoboCup 12-Colors Cup Holder – Best Cup Holder For Folding Wagons
  4. Mac Sports Utility Cargo Net – Best Cargo Net For Folding Wagons
  5. Mac Sports 2-Pack Straps – Best Cargo Straps For Folding Wagons

What Folding Wagon Accessories Should I Get?

Have you bought a wagon for your kids and do not know what accessories to get? Then consider purchasing the following:

1. Wagon Canopy

There are several benefits of attaching a canopy over your folding wagon. For one, it protects your beach supplies from the sun’s heat.

Two, most wagon canopies are waterproof, which mean they also protect your supplies from the rain.

There is a specific Wagon Canopy made for the Radio Flyer that will connect easily to any of your Radio Flyer Wagons. This can fold up easily when you’re not using it.

radio flyer wagon canopy

And if you get a wagon canopy like Radio Flyer Wagon Canopy, then you can count on it to keep your child under a shade.

2. Wagon Umbrella

A wagon umbrella plays the same role as a wagon canopy. So, you can count on it to protect your beach supplies from the sun’s direct heat and rain.

It also provides some shade over you and the kids on a hot afternoon on the beach.

The difference between it and the wagon canopy, however, is that it is more flexible. You can detach a wagon umbrella and use it on its own.

A wagon umbrella should be U-V protected, and one of the best on the market is the Sport-Brella Adjustable Umbrella

Here’s why you should get the Sport Brella Adjustable Umbrella:

The Sport-Brella Adjustable Umbrella has a universal clip, so it will clip onto almost anything. It’s UPF 50, and can adjust to almost any angle, making sure your child is protected from the sun all day long.

This umbrella folds up for convenient transport, so you can take it with you whether you’re going to the beach or the zoo.

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3. Wagon-Attachable Cup Holder

Would you love to have somewhere to place your drink away from the sand? Then get a wagon-attachable cup holder.

Such an accessory holds your drink away from the ground to prevent sand from getting in and spillages.

Others are multi-functional also to hold a fishing rod, drum sticks, keys, a flashlight, and many other things.

Generally, the cup holder’s construction must be robust, and it needs to be easy to attach on the wagon.

folding wagon accessories

Without a doubt, that describes the RoboCup 12-Colors Cup Holder.

Here’s why you should get the RoboCup 12-Colors Cup Holder.

Judging by the name, the RoboCup 12-Colors Cup Holder comes in a dozen color choices. The accessory can hold two drink cups or bottles, among many other things.

Its clamping jaw is quite sturdy to hold firmly onto the folding wagon. Plus, it doesn’t have sharp edges, thus safe.

Furthermore, the cup holder weighs one pound, thus lightweight and comes in a polyresin construction that inhibits ultraviolet rays and other weather agents.

4. Cargo Net

You must agree that nothing is as frustrating as picking up items over and over again as they drop off your folding wagon. If you are tired of that, then get a cargo net.

It should be extendable to allow you to secure all your essentials. It should also fit your wagon perfectly and should be strong not to wear upon pulling.

wagon accessories

One of the best cargo nets on the market is the Mac Sports Utility Wagon Cargo Net.

Here’s why you should get the Mac Sports Utility Wagon Cargo Net:

The Mac Sports Utility Wagon Cargo Net comes in an extendable heavy-duty nylon construction. So, it doesn’t just stretch to hold your cargo, but it’s also tough not to break.

The cargo net fits perfectly on Mac Sports Folding Wagons and other outdoor utility folding wagons. It contains hooks on both ends for easy hooking onto a folding wagon.

The cargo net measures 36 by 30 inches and comes in black color. The net’s weight is 0.25 pounds, thus easy to carry, and it is both sand-proof and waterproof.

5. Utility Wagon Straps

A utility wagon strap is another practical accessory for securing your cargo on a wagon. The wagon strap should come in a heavy-duty material to withstand heavy pulling and should also be stretchable.

It’s also essential that it is long enough to allow you to secure a lot of cargo on the wagon.

Most utility wagon straps come in polypropylene material, which is both strong and stretchable. So, consider it.

radio flyer wagon accessories

I recommend the Mac Sports 2-Pack Wagon Straps, even if you don’t own a Mac Sports Utility Wagon.

Here’s why you should get the Mac Sports 2-Pack Wagon Straps:

The Mac Sports 2-Pack Wagon Straps come in a polypropylene construction, thus tough and stretchable. The buckle material is, however, ABS, which is equally tough.

The straps come as a two-pack and are available in black color.

With a 1.5 inch width and a 60-inch extendable length, these straps will secure everything you have in the wagon.

Whether it’s your fishing gear, grocery or even pet, you can secure them all using Mac Sports 2-Pack Wagon Straps.

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How Do I Shop For The Best Folding Wagon Accessories?

Generally, these factors are a must-consider when shopping for a folding wagon accessory:

  • Individual Need

What exactly do you want to add to your folding wagon? Do you need a source of shade or something to secure your wagon?

If it’s the shade that you want, then you have to pick between an umbrella and a canopy. And if what you want is a beverage holder, then go and get it.

Simply put, you must identify your need first before going shopping for a folding wagon accessory.

  • Brand

It’s a smart idea to buy an accessory that matches your folding wagon. If for example, you own a Mac Sports Wagon, then look for Mac Sport accessories.

Similarly, if you own a radio flyer wagon, then get radio flyer wagon accessories.

  • Material Qualityfolding wagon accessories

You expect your accessories to be as reliable as the folding wagon. So, never settle for less.

Pick a material that’s strong and durable. If for example, you have to pick between plastic and metal, consider metal because of its durability.

What you settle for shouldn’t wear out quickly to serve you longer.

  • Product Features

You must get the most from every accessory that you buy. If for example, you need an umbrella to attach to your wagon, it should offer you heat protection and should be waterproof.

That should also be the case with a wagon canopy. Also, look at the ease of use and set up to see what sets a particular wagon accessory apart.

Other Considerations

  • Product Specifications

You must read the product specification to match your wagon with the right accessory. In that case, details like product size and weight are critical.

That’s more important when buying an accessory like a wagon canopy. All the best folding wagon accessories come with their specifications to help you choose accordingly. So, consider that.

  • Product Warranty
folding wagon accessories

One way to identify a quality wagon accessory is through its warranty. A wagon accessory with an extended warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

So, the more extensive the warranty term, the better it is for you as a buyer. Besides, you can always return such an accessory if it has a manufacturer defect at the time of buying.

  • Reviews and Ratings

One reason why I enjoy shopping on Amazon is because of the access to customer reviews and product ratings. They tell me everything I need to know about the user experience of a given product before trying.

If the reviews and ratings are impressive, then you can be confident of buying an excellent wagon accessory. If they are not, then find an alternative wagon accessory with an outstanding score.

  • Budget

How much money do you plan to spend on the wagon accessory? Do you intend to buy just one attachment or more?

Answering the question will enable you to choose the most affordable wagon accessory to buy.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect to pay the same amount as what you paid for the beach wagon.

Concluding Thought On Folding Wagon Accessories :

Now you know what best folding wagon accessories to get. All five are essential in improving your overall experience of using a foldable beach wagon.

Generally, you are likely to get the most out of an accessory-packed wagon that one with few accessories.