Rio beach chairs

6 Best Rio Beach Chairs For You In 2022

Every beach camper expects the utmost comfort, adjustability, and portability from their beach chair. Luckily, that’s what Rio beach chairs promise, and we’re going to review the best five.

Rio chairs are also safe and extremely durable, something you should prioritize. What’s more, these beach chairs come in backpack and low profile options, among other types that we’ll look at later.

Why Rio?

Rio beach chairs

Rio Brands is an outdoor gear manufacturing company. They make beach camping gears, backyard furniture, among other outdoor gears, and have been doing so since 1947.

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Evert since its inception, Rio Brands has committed to innovation and product quality. So, their beach chairs are reliable, safe, and high-quality.

If in a hurry, check out our list for the best Rio folding chair below.

5 Hottest Rio Beach Chairs

  1. Rio 7 Position Hi-Boy Beach Chair – Best Tall Beach Chair
  2. Rio Hammock Chair – Best Hammock Chair
  3. Rio Classic 5-Position Beach Chair – Best Multi-Position Chair
  4. Rio Beach Big Boy 13-Inch Backpack Chair – Best Backpack Chair
  5. Rio Beach Big Boy Folding Chair – Best Chair With Cooler
  6. Rio Beach Wave 1 Position Folding Chair – Best Low Profile Chair

Types of Rio Beach Chairs

Let’s look at the types of Rio beach chairs, and then look at the 5 hottest Rio beach chairs on the market this year.

  • Multi-Position Folding Chairs – these Rio camping chairs recline in four or more positions for the ultimate comfort. They are generally lightweight and collapsible to encourage ease of packing and transport.
  • Extended Height Beach Chairs – extended-height beach chairs sit about 17-20 inches off the ground and come with taller backrest.  As a result, they are best for taller beachgoers.
  • Hammock Beach Chairs – while not exactly a hammock, these chairs do lean back like one. Also knowns as a sling-back chair, these chairs are not meant for sitting straight up.
  • Backpack Beach Chairs – these come with shoulder straps to let you carry them conveniently and comfortably on the back. The chairs fold easily to convert into backpacks. So, they are generally lightweight.
  • Beach Chairs With A Built-In Cooler – would you want to keep cold drinks in your beach chair? Rio Brands offers you such convenience through their built-in cooler beach chairs. These chairs come with insulated pouches where you can put four or more drink cans and keep them chilled for an extended time.
  • Low Profile Chairs – low profile beach chairs come with a shorter seat height to allow you to touch the sand. So, they are the direct opposite of extended-height beach chairs. Generally, their low seat height makes it easy to stretch your legs and overcome cramps.
  • Rio beach chair with canopy – This type of Rio beach chair comes with an adjustable roof to provide you with shade.
  • Rio beach lounge chair – This type of Rio beach chair comes with an extensive well-padded backrest to allow you to rest at a slanting angle or almost flat. – Find that by reading about sun tan chairs!

6 Hottest Rio Beach Chairs

Now that we’ve looked at the different types of Rio beach chairs, let’s look at the most popular ones.

1. Rio 7 Position Hi-Boy Beach Chair

The Rio 7 Position Hi-Boy Beach Chair has a 17-inch seat height and a similar backrest. So, it’s a fantastic choice for taller guys.

The beach chair comes in a rustproof aluminum frame, and its fabric construction is polyester, thus durable in build.

It reclines in 7 different positions and enjoys the safe-adjust technology for pinch-free recline.

Its armrests are extra-wide for optimal comfort, and they feature a drink holder, bottle opener, and phone holder.

rio beach hi boy chair

Moreover, the beach chair comes with padded shoulder straps to enable you to carry it effortlessly on the back.

This beach chair has a 250-pound load capacity.

2. Rio Hammock Chair/Sling Chair

This Rio Hammock Chair is also called a sling chair. While most on this list offer different positions for you to sit in, this is just a one position chair.

It sits 13.5 inches off the ground, making it fairly easy to get in and out of. Having a leaning back position, this chair will make you feel like you’re in a hammock without the hassle of setting up a full hammock.

rio hammock chair

It’s lightweight and easy to carry with you to the beach.

This chair can hold up to 250 pounds, and has the added comforts of a pillow and cup holder.

3. Rio Classic 5 Position Beach Chair

The Rio Beach Classic 5-Position Lay Flat Folding Beach Chair reclines in five different positions, including flat. So, you can comfortably take a nap on it.

The Rio 5 position beach chair comes in an alloy steel construction and features wooden armrests.

It’s safe to recline, thanks to its safe-adjust technology, and comes with well-padded, adjustable straps for back carrying.

Some of its built-in accessories include a towel bar and a mesh cup holder.

Rio 5 position beach chair

This chair weighs just 8 pounds, therefore lightweight, and enjoys a 250-pound load capacity.

4. Rio Beach Big Boy Folding 13-Inch High Seat Backpack Chair

The Rio Beach Big Boy Folding 13-Inch High Seat Backpack Chair is one of the most portable outdoor beach chairs. That’s thanks to its adjustable and generously-padded shoulder straps.

This Rio high boy beach chair reclines in four ways and enjoys a pinch-free adjustment, thus safe to recline.

It features broad, molded armrest s, thus extra comfortable. Since it comes in an aluminum frame, this beach chair is rustproof and, as a result, durable.

It also features a 600D polyester cover, which boosts its durability.

Some of its built-in accessories include an adjustable headrest, cupholder, and storage pouch.

Rio high boy beach chair

This chair generally has a 300-pound load capacity.

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5. Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair With Cooler

Here’s Why:

The Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Chair comes with an insulated pouch for keeping your cold drinks.

The unique cooler chair converts into a backpack, thanks to its attached shoulder straps. So, you can carry it conveniently on your back.

This beach chair has a five-position recline advantage, and so it reclines fully. It has a 240-pound carry capacity, and its seat is 11 inches off the ground

The Rio backpack beach chair comes in a tough polyester and rustproof aluminum construction, hence durable.

Furthermore, it features an adjustable headrest to enhance your neck and head comfort.

rio big boy with cooler

Some of its built-in accessories are a towel bar, drink bar, phone holder, and zippered pockets.

6. Rio Beach Wave Folding Sand Chair

The Rio Beach Wave Beach Folding Sand Chair sits 5.5 inches off the ground.

The chair doesn’t enjoy multi-position recline advantages like the options above. However, it compensates for the lack of it with its performance.

It comes in steel construction to give it a rock-solid and highly stable structure. Plus, it features rugged 600D polyester fabric to serve you longer.

This beach chair folds quickly to economize on storage space and only weighs 5 pounds, thus exceptionally portable.

Rio beach chair

It has a 190-pound load capacity and comes in stylish stripe color choices.

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1. Are Rio Beach Camping Chairs Comfortable?

Rio chairs come well-padded, spacious, and easy-to-recline. So, yes, Rio beach camping chairs are comfortable.

2. How Much Weight Do Rio Beach Chairs Support?

It depends on the type of Rio beach chair. On average, however, Rio beach camping chairs hold up to 200-400 pounds.

3. What Should I Look For In The Best Rio Beach Chair?

Your Rio beach chair should be highly comfortable. So, its seat should be roomy and generously-padded. The chair should also be safe to sit on, easy to pack, and accessory-packed.

Concluding Thought:

Having been in existence for years, Rio Brands is a reputable outdoor chair manufacturing company. Hence, I have confidence in the Rio beach chairs I have recommended, and so do thousands of customers online.