Affiliate Policy

At Wave Cascade, we believe in transparency and disclosure for all of our readers. This page provides detailed information about how our website uses affiliate marketing, which is a form of online advertising that allows us to earn commission from the purchase of certain products or services.

We partner with third-party companies that provide us with access to their products and services. We are compensated for sharing these links with our readers, based on the sales that have resulted from a reader clicking on one of our affiliate links.

If you click an affiliate link, a cookie is added to your browser. Later, if you make a purchase on the 3rd party site, like Amazon, the affiliate software recognizes the cookie and then we receive a commission payment.

We only partner with companies we trust or use ourselves, and will only recommend products we believe are beneficial to you. The earnings we receive through affiliate partnerships help support our website and the content we create.

We strive to be honest and open with our readers in regards to affiliate links, and we will never knowingly provide links for products we do not believe in.

Ashley, Wave Cascade