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the pros and cons of bringing a beach chair on your next beach holiday

Planning a Beach Day? Pros and Cons of Bringing a Beach Chair

If you’re like me, the beach is one of your favorite places to go. There’s nothing quite like feeling the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin. But if you’re planning on…
can you bring a tent to the beach?

Are Tents Allowed On The Beach? Staying Cool On The Sand

If you’re looking for a way to stay cool on the sand, you may be wondering are tents are allowed on the beach? The answer to that question depends on where you are, what time…
how to use a beach umbrella

4 Tips On How To Use A Beach Umbrella For The Best Beach Experience

Oftentimes, the idea of bringing an umbrella to the beach is better than reality. Constantly having to stand up to change the angle of the umbrella so you stay in the shade, making sure it’s…
beach tent vs umbrella which is better

Beach Tent vs Umbrella or Canopy – Which Is The Best For The Beach?

I love going to the beach, but after a while the sun in my eyes gets to be just a bit too much. Which leads to the question of what do I bring: a beach…
Best Beach Chairs For Over 300 Lbs

Best Beach Chairs For Over 300 lbs That are Safe and Comfortable In 2022

Apart from the fact that there are limited swim wear for plus size people, beach chairs for over 300 lbs or for a heavy person, are also rare. Going to the beach is a thought…
High Off The Ground Beach Chairs

The Most Comfortable High Off The Ground Beach Chairs

High off the ground beach chairs are one of the best places to kickback and catch your breath after or in between the thrilling beach fun games. You could be splashing in the beach water,…
shoes on the sand

A Guide To Finding The Best Beach Shoes to Keep Sand Out 2022

Beach walking is special and thrilling. You can walk for ages on the sandy shore and not tire of the blue waters and skies, the caves and cliffs, and the other sight to behold. But…
can you go to the beach at night

Can You Go To The Beach At Night? The Revelation!

It often gets too hot on the beach during the day, or you might want to see the moon reflecting on the waves. But can you go to the beach at night? That’s our focus…
beach cart with large balloon tires

5 Best Beach Cart with Large Balloon Tires For Sand (2022)

Whether you are at the beach for just one-day fun or you’ve gone camping on the sand, the best beach cart with large balloon tires is going to matter. This is because a beach cart…
Best Heavy Duty Beach Chairs For Heavy Person

Best Beach Chairs for Heavy People 2022

It’s a sad day when you don’t want to go to the beach regularly because you are a big man. Or because you are the heavy bloke. And you don’t want the embarrassment of squeezing…

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