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8 Of The Best Beach Cooler With Wheels For Sand Options In 2023

As it gets hotter at the beach, you want cool drinks on hand to cool off. with. Or an easy snack that hasn’t become hot in the summer sun. That’s why having a beach cooler with you really matters and can save your day.

A good cooler should keep your food and drinks cold – which many coolers out there actually do and they do it well. The problem is, most of these cannot handle the sandy beach terrain very well.

Some don’t have wheels for rolling. And for those that are equipped with wheels, they are too small and don’t work on the sandy terrain. So you’ll end up carrying it anyway, which is not the point of having a cooler with wheels!

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I know how this can be disappointing. It’s just another hassle to carry a cooler on the beach when you’d rather use the wheels. This drains your energy and your zeal for beach-going can fade.

Tired of this? Then it’s time to get the best beach cooler with wheels. With such a cooler, you can roll it away from the parking spot to your relaxation patch at the beach, without a strain.

Take a look at this complete list I researched. All of these have been carefully selected after thorough research!

In a hurry? Check out our most recommended beach coolers with wheels.

5 Best Beach Coolers With Wheels

  1. YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler – Best Overall
  2. Igloo Trailmate Journey, 70-Quart – Best 70-Quart Cooler
  3. Coleman Ice Chest – Best 65-Quart Cooler
  4. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freezer – Best Budget Cooler
  5. Igloo Maxcold Quantum 52 Cooler – Best 52-Quart Cooler
  6. Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler – Best 16-Quart Cooler
  7. Pelican Products ProGear Elite – Best Cooler For Soft Sand
  8. Igloo Glide Pro 110 – Best 110-Quart Cooler

Why Do You Need the Best Beach Cooler with Sand Wheels?

oniva picnic cooler

I guess no one wishes to spoil their fun even an ounce while at the beach. Not even the piece of equipment you’ve packed along like a cooler should spoil it.

So, the best beach cooler with wheels rolls on with ease. You can haul it effortlessly from the car parking area to the exact beach spot where you’ve decided to pitch.

You won’t feel as though you’ve just dragged a log behind you. No profuse sweating. It just wheels smoothly without its tires burying in the sand.

Also, like any other beach cooler, this cooler with sand wheels keeps your drinks or other foods cold and ready-to-use anytime. Your summertime trips to the beach will be very exciting and healthy as a result.

Furthermore, if you are a family person, you have kids to worry about. So you really need a beach cooler with wheels!

So you actually have enough time to look after your kids, rather than trying to drag something through the sand that doesn’t want to move. Doesn’t this one sound great?

Besides, a cooler with wheels for sand is reliable and convenient. So, you can be happier and more relaxed at the beach, enjoying every bit of fun presented by the sand and blue waters.

6 Best Beach Cooler With Wheels Reviewed.

1.  YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

The YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler is a piece of truly high-quality equipment that would not only stock foodstuffs and drinks for one individual but also a large group’s. Fully stocked, this device can carry well over 100 lbs. of stuff – it can’t get better.

Looking at its carefully crafted streamlined compact body shows that this cooler is designed for the ultimate beach party experience. At 37 pounds, the hauler is not the heaviest you can get on the market but it’s for sure heavy-duty.

Rolling it on the ground is effortless. It comes with sizeable solid wheels that roll swiftly over the sand on the beach.

To aid in towing this cooler, is a steady handle that’s adjustable. It’s made from strong and durable aluminum metal so you can haul your cooler without fears of it breaking in the middle of moving.

Best of all, YETI Tundra Haul will keep your drinks and food cold for days thanks to its powerful insulation technology. It’s also extremely spacious & it holds up to 37 can of beer.

beach cooler with big wheels

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  • Large capacity for family needs
  • Keeps food and drinks cold for long
  • Well-constructed


  • Bulky
  • Reports about weak wheels

Overall, a great rolling beach cooler with a great capacity for large groups.

2. Igloo Trailmate Journey, 70-Quart: Igloo Cooler With Wheels.

If you want yet a beach cooler with oversized wheels, Igloo Trailmate Journey is the go-to hauling solution. With these large-sized wheels, the Igloo Trailmate traverses a wide range of terrains.

On top of the beach sand terrain, the cooler can also effortlessly roll over grassy fields, dirt roads, wooded trails, and more.

It boasts a 70-quart capacity which is also capable of holding 112 12-oz. beer cans. This is quite a lot of volume given the 34.7-pound weight of this cooler empty.

With this size, you can load your water, sodas, beer, and lunch for a sizeable group. And no one will be left out of the party.

For this weight, I still think it’s a giant cooler that would give you quite the workout even when it’s empty. However, it is equipped with a strong telescoping handle to make your hauling easier and quicker.

Your food and drinks will keep cold for up to four days thanks to a long ice-retention period.

igloo trailmate cooler

The cooler also offers a lot of other accessories including storage pocket, butler tray, mobile device stand, bottle openers, cup holders, dry storage, and more.

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  • Plenty of accessories
  • Large and spacious
  • Strong, solid construction


  • Needs a lot of space for packing

Overall, this is the best beach cooler with wheels if you’re looking for something to carry a lot of food and keep cool for a long time.

3. Coleman Ice Chest: Coleman Cooler With Wheels

The Coleman Ice Chest comes in a few different sizes, but the one with wheels is a is a 65-quart capacity cooler. That means you are set to carry about 101 drinks in cans.

While this capacity is not the largest on this list, by all means, it’s still decent for a small to medium group.

While this cooler is specifically made to hold food and drinks, it can double a s a seat, being able to hold 250lbs on the lid when closed .

It boasts a compact, low-profile footprint. This is a reprieve for users, especially when putting it in and taking it out of the car.

Another notable advantage this Igloo cooler with wheels packs is its cooling prowess. The manufacturer claims that it can keep your food items and drinks cool for four days even when exposed to the high temperatures of 90 Fahrenheit.

To haul the machine, you have a telescoping handle.

coleman cooler with wheels

The cooler also boasts an array of accessories.

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  • Oversized wheels for any terrain
  • Affordable
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Multiple options on this listing, make sure you choose the one with wheels to purchase

Overall, this is a decent budget buy of a cooler.

4. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler

The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Cooler is a great choice for if you’re looking for a cooler on a budget. This will keep your items cool, without breaking your budget like some of the other coolers on this list might.

Another perk of this cooler is that it’s collapsible, since it’s made of fabric. That means that when you’re not using it, it doesn’t have to take up too much space.

This cooler is made for any type of ground conditions, and the wheels are made for going over any terrain. It can also carry up to 100lbs of food, so you won’t go hungry at the beach.

arctic zone titan deep freeze cooler

This cooler will keep food cold for up to 3 days, so it’s perfect for a day in the hot sun out at the beach.

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  • Rugged construction for durability
  • Great performance
  • Versatile tires
  • Budget priced


  • some issues with the zipper and handle

Overall, this is the soft sided cooler with wheels with the ability to tackle the hardest of terrains while keeping in perfect shape.

5. Igloo Maxcold Quantum 52 Cooler, 52-Quarts

The Maxcold Quantum 52-Qt Roller Cooler is a device that comes with a lightweight design. At just 11-pound weight, it’s hard to think of another one with lesser weight.

So, if you are just alone or you want something lightweight, Maxcold Quantum will do it. The small-sized device features a 52-quart capacity which means you can store your 85 12-oz cans just fine.

With ice retention of 5 days, this cooler should meet your cooling needs right off the bat. The cooling performance is further improved by the integrated Cool Riser Technology that features an elevated cooler body from hot surfaces to ensure that your foods remain cold all times.

When it comes to the wheels on this cooler, you’d be mistaken to say they aren’t underwhelming. The tires are small and not the best performing especially on deep sand.

Igloo cooler

Interesting to note, the telescoping handle is well made. It features a locking mechanism and is sided with gear hangers for toting and holding bags.

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  • Locking telescoping handle
  • Lightweight design
  • Lives up to its cooling capability


  • Bad tires

Overall, it’s a better cooler thanks to its nice build.

6. Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler.

This cooler is not that big that it’s a hassle to carry. However, it is large enough, to hold up to 22 cans of soda so you’ll have plenty of space for your refreshments and anything you want to keep out the heat during a day at the beach

This Coleman cooler come with recessed wheels, therefore, hauling it just another breeze, these wheels makes it a great the cooler for camping and other outdoor activities. You can move it smoothly even on uneven surfaces.

No matter where you are going small cooler with wheels will just follow you. It is designed to be light something that makes it easy to move after a long day.

This cooler has a convenient and telescoping handle. This handle allows for easy pulling and comfortable storage. In addition, the handle is extendable and folds out safely when not in use.

This lightweight cooler is sturdy, and this makes it ideal for outdoor activities thanks to its hard polypropylene sides which can resist dents and wear on uneven surfaces. It’s one of the best medium sized coolers for the beach.

Its hinged top stays in its place keeping the air inside the cooler, and it saves you the hassle and time looking for misplaced lids. It has a tall profile to minimize the footprint, and this gives you more space to pack more stuff.

This Coleman cooler includes everything you might need to keep things cold while on the go. The Coleman 16-quart tops in the best picnic cooler lists.

coleman cooler

Keep your food and drinks in the right temperatures and keep the fun going up to 2 days, with this Coleman 16-quart cooler.

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7. Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler

With the beach sand posing a real mobility test, the Pelican Products ProGear Elite is more than equal to the job. The rugged design hauler blasts the patch of sand thanks to the large, heavy-duty wheels.

The ProGear Elite engineering does not disappoint either. The model is heavily constructed with durability in mind.

The walls are made from durable stainless steel and the corners are also reinforced to provide better insulation. The two-inches polyurethane insulation and the thick walls keep your food ice-cold even in the harsh elements of the sun.

The unit is convenient with easy transportation and storage. This rolling beach cooler comes with an extendable handle that makes you set it at the perfect pulling height.

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler

With the non-skid feet, place the unit to rest when not in use. And don’t be stressed with any liquids spilling inside; it comes with a drain plug that drains away any liquids when you want.

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8.  Igloo Outdoor Sportsman Glide

Igloo Glide Pro 110 is one of the best coolers on wheels for the beach that you won’t go wrong with. It’s not about its elegant white footprint only, but the cooler is a thing designed for large parties on the beach.

The unit is large and will accommodate lots of food. Lugging it is pretty a cinch despite the extremely large capacity.

Previous users have already lauded its stellar performance. That this big gal can maintain temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit for about 3-5 days and the food will stay cold.

For this impeccable performance, I can point out to its Ultratherm insulated body and lid. These features ensure that things inside are kept at the right temperatures.

The beach cooler is durable having been constructed with rugged materials, including heavy-duty zinc-plated hinges and larger latches. While the overall build of this hauler is just great, the handles can have some problems.

Igloo Glide Pro 110 Roller (EA) - beach cooler with sand wheels

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Buying Guide For the Best Beach Cooler With Wheels.

So, the big question is: which factors really matter when choosing the best coolers with wheels?

The following items should adequately inform your buying decision for a good deal.

  • Quality of the Wheels
dbest products Ultra Compact Cooler Smart Cart, Moroccan Tile Insulated Collapsible Rolling Tailgate BBQ Beach Summer

Needless to say, the topic has been all about the best coolers with wheels throughout the article. But the next concern for buyers should be what quality are you getting from wheels.

The best wheels should be large enough in diameter and durable to take on different types of terrain. Smaller wheel sizes can pose a navigation challenge.

  • Capacity

When looking at capacity, you’ve got to answer two questions. Is this going to be a cooler for one person’s needs or a group’s?

The other question is, what’s the space available for its storage during transportation?

A one-person cooler may not be ideal for a group. So, be sure to check the dimensions and capacity of the device you want to buy.

  • Insulation

How long do you want your food and drinks cold? I guess many people want it to go as long as they are staying at the beach and beyond.

Since the cooler is most likely going to be sat somewhere in sun or high temperatures, its insulation technology must be top-notch.

Two key things to consider for great insulation: cooler thickness and ice retention.


There you go. A decent list of the beach cooler with sand wheels. The listed models are not only powerful and convenient but also highly regarded by many previous buyers.

Make sure you consider capacity, wheel quality, and insulation capability of a cooler when purchasing one for your outing.

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