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Tommy Bahama 7-Foot Beach Umbrella Review

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Tommy Bahama is widely known for designing products with a coastal touch. So, expect the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella to embrace the theme.

This 7-foot umbrella is perfect for small groups, preferably families. It’s one of the top sellers online, and we are going to see why.

So, have you been searching for a stylish, sizeable, UV-coated beach umbrella? What you’ve been searching for all along could be the Tommy Bahama 7-Foot Beach Umbrella.

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I’ll review the specs and pros and cons of this umbrella to help you decide if it’s worth a purchase.

I’ll also answer the frequently asked questions about the Tommy Bahama umbrella to clear any uncertainties you may be having.

Update Nov 2021: This product is currently unavailable. Another Tommy Bahama Umbrella we recommend is the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella 2020, which boasts a 7 1/2 foot diameter.

Product Specification

Tommy Bahama 7-Foot Beach Umbrella weighs 4.25 pounds and measures 1 by 1 by 25 inches.

It comes in a dome shape, featuring a telescoping aluminum pole and a UV-protected polyester canopy.

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The beach umbrella is available in multi-color and comes with a screw sand anchor.

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Key Features of the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

  • 7-Foot Canopy

With the canopy enjoying a 7-foot diameter, this beach umbrella is undoubtedly massive. So, it’s the perfect size for families and small groups.

  • Heavy Duty Polyester

Its canopy is made of tough polyester with weather-resistance, anti-fading, and tear-proof properties. So, expect this beach umbrella not to rip easily due to strong wind.

Also, expect it not to be damaged by rainwater or any other weather agent.

  • 50+ UPF Rating

The canopy comes with a 50+ UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) score to guarantee 98 plus % protection from ultraviolet rays.

So, it’s the perfect umbrella to protect your families against the harmful ultraviolet rays.

  • Aluminum Undercoating

This metal undercoating is partly responsible for the polyester’s impressive ultraviolet protection factor of 50+. So, it helps to protect you against both UVA and UVB sun rays.

  • Air Vent

On top of the canopy is an air vent that plays two crucial roles. First, the opening facilitates airflow, which is essential for your comfort and ventilation.

Second, the vent improves the umbrella’s stability by providing a way out for the trapped air. So, the canopy doesn’t get blow away in the process.

  • Non-Corroding Telescoping Pole

The Tommy Bahama umbrella comes with a two-piece powder-coated aluminum pole that doesn’t rust. So, despite the wet conditions of the beach, this pole doesn’t rust.

Moreover, the umbrella’s height is adjustable to suit users of different sizes. So, whether you sit or lay down, you can adjust the umbrella’s elevation conveniently.

  • Sand Anchor

This beach umbrella comes with a powerful anchor that allows you to set it up on sand quickly and stably.

tommy bahama beach umbrella

It screws securely into the ground to resist wind.

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Other Worthy Features

They include

  • One-Position Tilt

The unique feature makes it easy to tilt the canopy in one direction to obtain custom shade. So, you can always escape the sun’s intense direct rays on the beach.

  • Fiberglass Ribs

These features support the canopy, contributing to its dome shape. They reinforce the canopy against the strong wind, making it more resistant against it.

Generally, fiberglass ribs don’t bend easily.

  • Beach-Style Theme

The beach umbrella comes in multi-color to promote a coastal theme. Besides, there are so many Tommy Bahama beach chairs to match with this beach umbrella.

  • Straight Sides

The canopy enjoys straight sides that make it easy for you to put two similar umbrellas together. That’s more important if you are buying two or more Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas.

  • Polyester Carry Bag

Tommy Bahama provides you with a convenient carrying case to keep this beach umbrella and transport it.

The bag is polyester in construction, which means it’s not only tough and weather-resistant but also sand-free.

tommy bahama umbrella

So, you’ll not drag sand from the beach into your car or home.

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What We Like (Pros) or Don’t Like (Cons) About the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella Amazon


  • The umbrella is adjustable, thanks to its telescoping handle and one-position tilt
  • It is UV-protected, owing to its 50+ UPF canopy with an aluminum undercoating
  • This beach umbrella is easy to fold and pack and come with a carry bag, thus portable
  • Its aluminum pole resists rust
  • The umbrella comes in attractive beach-style multi-color
  • It comes in a massive 7-foot canopy size to suit families and small groups


Though the umbrella comes with a sand anchor and a vented canopy, its overall construction doesn’t make it formidable against the extremely-strong wind.

tommy bahama beach umbrella

So, extremely-strong wind can easily damage it.

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1. How Big And Heavy Is This Beach Umbrella?

This beach umbrella measures 1 by 1 by 24 inches and weighs just 4.25 pounds.

2. Can I Clamp This Beach Umbrella On A Table Or Chair?

No. Given that the pole’s bottom requires you to screw it into the ground, it won’t work on a solid surface like a tabletop or chair.

3. Where Can I Buy This Tommy Bahama Umbrella?

When it comes to where to buy Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella, Amazon is the place for that. You’ll get honest reviews from real customers and an overall rating.

If you visit Amazon today, this umbrella enjoys a 4+ overall rating, which means most customers are satisfied with its performance.

4. Is This Umbrella Secure Against The Wind?

Provided that you secure the sand anchor properly into the ground, the umbrella is secure against the wind.

Besides, it’s vented canopy also makes it stable against the wind.

5.  Can I Use This Beach Umbrella On My Patio?

You cannot use this beach umbrella on your patio for one reason. Its anchor needs to be screwed into the ground. So, the ground has to be soft like the beach surface.

6. Is The Height Adjustable?

Yes, it is. The pole comes as a two-piece that you can adjust seamlessly to suit your height and the windy conditions.

Concluding Thought on The Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

Above is a comprehensive review of the Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella. There’s no doubt that the umbrella has some fantastic features to suit families and small groups.

Provided that the wind conditions are not extreme, this beach umbrella will do a good job. So, it’ll prove to be better value for money.

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