5 of The Best Beach Chairs For Elderly In 2022

best beach chairs for elderly

With arthritis and chronic back pain increasingly affecting the older generation, every older adult needs a comfortable chair. And if you are a frequent beachgoer, then you should be checking out the best beach chairs for elderly.

You need a beach chair that supports your spine, back, and neck. You also need an option that you can conveniently carry and adjust.

best beach chairs for elderly

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start your market search. I’m here to provide you with buying tips.

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Moreover, I’ll review the five best beach chairs for seniors or older adults.

So, let’s get started.

In a hurry? Check out our hottest list for the best beach chairs for the older members of our community.

5 Best Beach Chairs For Elderly

  1. Portal Oversized Zero Gravity XL Chair – Best Zero Gravity Chair
  2. Tommy Bahama 2020 Backpack Cooler Chair – Best Backpack Chair
  3. Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair – Best Canopy Chair
  4. KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair – Best High-Back Chair
  5. Cascade Mountain Tech Low Profile Chair – Best Low Profile Chair

Types Of Senior-Friendly Beach Chairs

Though there are many types of beach chairs for elderly campers, here are the most popular ones:

1. Zero Gravity Chairs – Portal Oversized Zero Gravity XL Chair

A zero gravity chair suspends your body in the air to give it a weightless feel. So, it’s more like sitting on space as the gravitational force doesn’t act on your body, thus the name zero gravity.

This technology evenly distributes your body weight on the chair. As a result, your spine and back are relieved from pain and seating discomfort.

Generally, zero gravity beach chairs suit not just the elderly but also younger people with back problems.

Best Pick: Portal Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity XL Recliner Chair

Here’s Why:

The Portal Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity XL Recliner Chair sits 22 inches off the ground and has a 29 inches tall backrest. So, it’s the perfect pick for taller seniors.

Its seat is 21 inches wider, therefore roomy enough to feel comfortable. Accordingly, this chair lives up to the name oversized.

The beach chair for older person comes with a 0-170 degree recline ability to give you a weightless resting experience. Moreover, it can recline fully to about 72 inches long, thus very ergonomic.

Some of its extras are beverage holders, adjustable headrests, and pouches. The only problem with zero gravity chairs ist that they are less portable for bringing to the beach than others, with this one weighingn about 27 pounds.

beach chair for older person

Additionally, it features a padded mesh back, and timber handles for improved comfort. The chair comes in a solid construction to bear up to 350 pounds.

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2. Backpack Beach Chairs – Tommy Bahama 2020 Backpack Cooler Chair

Some beach chairs come with shoulder straps to be carried like regular backpacks. We call them backpack chairs, and you should get one if you want a portable chair.

Generally, these chairs are lightweight, and so you don’t have to worry about overworking your back or one arm to carry them. They are readily collapsible for easy packing and carrying, and are quite comfortable.

Best Pick: Tommy Bahama 2020 Backpack Cooler Chair

Heres Why:

The Tommy Bahama 2020 Backpack Cooler Chair comes with thickly-padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying on the back. It also has a rubber carry handle that improves its portability.

This portable chair for elderly features an aluminum frame, thus generally lightweight.

Though its ability to effortlessly convert into a backpack is impressive, that is not the only highlight feature.

The beach chair comes with an insulated pouch for keeping your drinks cold and a towel bar for hanging your wet towel.

Its other extras include an adjustable headrest, drink holder, and phone pouch, ad can be put into 5 different positions.

The chair has a five-position recline ability, and it’s roomy enough for maximum comfort.

tommy bahama 2020 backpack chair

Furthermore, its strong aluminum frame and tough 600D polyester enable it to bear up to 300 pounds.

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Or, check out the new version of this chair – the Tommy Bahama Wavy Marlin Deluxe Backpack Chair, available only from Tommy Bahama.

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3. Canopy Beach Chairs – Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair

The afternoon sun is not the friendliest for older adults. Sometimes the sun is so intense to burn your delicate skin.

Besides, too much ultraviolet rays from the sun have been associated with skin cancer over the years. Consequently, you are advised to wear sunscreen or sit under a UV-protected shade.

The good news is that you don’t have to carry a shade, be it an umbrella or canopy. What you need is a canopy beach chair.

Best Pick: Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair

Here’s Why:

The Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair comes with an adjustable canopy to shield you from the ultraviolet rays.

This chair is readily fordable for convenient storage and carrying. It comes in a steel frame that can tolerate up to 500 pounds.

The seat is 18.5 inches off the ground, and so it suits medium and taller seniors. Plus, the chair only weighs 9 pounds, thus readily portable.

Its backrest, seat, and the canopy features 600D polyester, therefore waterproof, stain-resistant, and rip-proof.

quik shade max shade chair

Additional extras include mesh drink holders, carry straps, and accessory pouches.

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4. High Back Chairs – KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair

High back beach chairs are also designed for people with back problems. That makes them suitable for older adults (even those with no back issues) as they need more back support.

Generally, these chairs suit taller and big-bodied seniors more because they come with a raised back.

They come with adequate lumbar support and may feature extra comforters like padded back straps and breathable mesh.

Best Pick: KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair

Here’s Why:

The KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair sits 33.5 inches off the beach surface, thus taller than most. Plus, its seat is 23.2 inches wider, therefore roomy enough for big-bodied seniors.

It comes with a detachable headrest to offer you head and neck adequate support. Some of its other extras include a mesh pouch and a cup holder.

The chair for old person weighs 6.6 pounds, therefore very lightweight and portable.

It comes with a carry bag for compact storage and carrying. So, yes, this beach chair is readily collapsible.

portable chair for elderly

Moreover, its steel frame enables it to bear up to 300 pounds.

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5. Low Profile Beach Chairs – Cascade Mountain Tech Compact

Some beach chairs come with seats that are low to the ground to allow you to step on the sand. Such options are said to have a low-profile, and they are perfect for stretching out your legs.

They also make it easy to snuggle a campfire while seated.

Best Pick: Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Low Profile Folding Camp Chair

Here’s Why:

The Cascade Mountain Tech Compact Low Profile Folding Camp Chair only sits 9 inches off the beach ground to provide you with ample leg-stretching space.

This beach chair is 20 inches wider, thus roomy enough to improve your seating comfort.

It comes with a shoulder-strapped storage bag for convenient transportation.

Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Chair comes in a robust steel-aluminum frame that enables it to bear up to 250 pounds.

It folds quickly for compact storage. Thus, it fits perfectly in your car’s trunk.

The chair’s armrests are well-cushioned, and its seat feels comfortable.

beach chairs that are easy to get out of

What’s more, its feet are reinforced to give it ground stability, and its back features breathable mesh.

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Things To Look For In The Best Beach Chairs For Elderly

Generally, here are the things to look for in the best elderly-friendly beach chair:

  • Ergonomic Design

Given that a majority of older adults are prone to back issues, going for an ergonomic chair is a top consideration. It would be best if you had a chair that offers you back and spine support.

It should be stable and well raised to allow you to sit without straining. What is more, it should come with more robust and comfortable armrests and a headrest.

  • Portable

You need a beach chair that you can lift and carry, even if it means over a short distance. So, it has to be lightweight. Also, it should be collapsible to allow you to pack it in a bag.

Some even come with their carry bags, and others feature shoulder straps. Such provisions vastly improve the portability of the best beach chairs for elderly. So, they are a worthy consideration.

  • Adjustable

It would help if you got a chair that you can recline comfortably. The more it reclines, the more flexible it is for you.

Therefore, confirm if the seat and backrest are adjustable. Similarly, check the headrest and armrest to see if they are also adjustable.

  • Strong Frame
portable folding chairs for elderly

Saltwater poses a significant threat to the lifespan of a beach chair. That’s because it can easily make the frame rust. As a result, pick a frame that resists rusting.

The frame should also be sturdy to sustain your weight. That brings us to options like treated aluminum and steel.

Both resist rusting and are rock-solid. The lighter of the two, however, is aluminum.

  • Breathable and Tough Fabric

Most of the best beach chairs for elderly feature mesh back to encourage breathability. Some also have breathable seats. So, consider them.

It’s also essential that you go for a tough fabric. It should resist UV damage, ripping, and fading.

In that respect, I recommend polyester. It’s the most popular fabric for breach chairs. The material is also fast-drying, thus wash-friendly.

  • Weight Sustainability

All beach chairs come with specific load capacities. So, you only need to pick an option with a higher load limit than your weight.

You are more likely to find beach chairs 300 lb capacity for seniors, but some may bear more load.

  • Comfortable Seat and Back

The seat and back should feel comfortable. One indicator for that is the padding. Both parts need to be well-padded to provide you with adequate cushioning.

Your beach chair should also feel roomy for easy turning when resting. So, consider beach chairs that are easy to get out of, preferably oversized.

  • Convenient Seat Height

Do you want to sit close to the ground to stretch your legs on the sand? Or do you want to lift your legs off the ground?

If you prefer the first case, then get a low profile beach chair. Its seat height should be less than 12 inches.

If, however, you prefer to sit high above the ground, then go for a high-off-the-ground beach chair. Its seat height should be more than 12 inches.

  • Convenience Extras
best beach chairs for bad backs

Your neck and head need adequate support when resting. So, consider portable folding chairs for elderly with adjustable headrests.

Also, consider extras like storage pockets, drink holders, umbrellas, and canopies.

Other beach chairs come with towel racks, insulated coolers, backpack straps, and leg rests.

All these extras only enhance the user experience of beach chairs.


1. What Are The Best Beach Chairs For Elderly?

The best beach chairs for older adults need to be robust, comfortable, adjustable, breathable, and portable.

No beach chairs fit the description better than these five:

2. Why Should I Buy A Beach Chair For Seniors?

If you are elderly, you need a beach chair that supports your back and feels comfortable. The chair should also be lightweight and rock-hard strong.

We have such chairs on my list. They allow you to rest comfortably and safely in the outdoors.

3. What Should I Look For In A Beach Chair For Seniors?

For starters, the beach chair should feel comfortable and supportive. So, the backrest and seat should be thickly-padded.

It also needs to be roomy, preferably oversized. Its frame should be rock-solid and rust-resistant to withstand the test of time.

Also, look for comforts and convenience extras like cup holders, pouches, adjustable headrest, and shoulder straps.

4. How Much Weight Do Beach Chairs Support?

The average beach chairs for the elderly can bear 200-400 pounds. So, it depends on the chair construction. For example, most sturdy beach chairs have a 300-plus load capacity.

5. Which Is The Best Frame Choice For A Beach Chair?

You can judge the frame material according to its strength, durability, and weight. Generally, metal frames are stronger and more durable than plastic and wooden chairs.

So, you can count on aluminum and steel frames to withstand the test of time and bear more load.

However, if you want a lightweight senior-friendly chair, then go for an aluminum frame.

Concluding Thought:

Generally, the best beach chairs for elderly make a big difference for seniors who frequently camp on the beach. These chairs are comfortable, supportive, and convenient for older adults.

So, it is time you get the most comfortable, elderly-friendly beach chair!