5 of The Best Sand Proof Beach Blankets For Ultimate Comfort In 2022

Going to the beach is one of my favorite activities for any time of the year. But one thing that makes being at the beach even better is having a sand proof beach blanket.

This way, I can enjoy the feel of sand under my feet while I walk to the waves, but don’t have to come back to a blanket covered in sand. That always makes an uncomfortable experience, with lying on what feels like sandpaper.

Best Sand Proof Beach Blanket

There are so many beach blankets on the market, so we’ve narrowed it down for you to find which blanket is the best for your next beach adventure.

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In a hurry? Check our most recommended sand-free beach blankets below:

5 Best Sand Proof Beach Blanket

  1. OCOOPA Beach Blanket Marine Life Series – Best Overall
  2. POPCHOSE Sand Free Beach Blanket – Best For Wind Resistance
  3. BEARZ Waterproof Beach Blanket – Best Waterproof Option
  4. Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket – Best for Families
  5. WELLAX Sand Free Beach Blanket – Most Portable Option

Why Do You Need the Best Sand Proof Beach Blanket?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know why you want a sand free beach blanket. But some other added bonuses when looking at these blankets include:

  • For A Sand-less Beach Experience – This type of blanket does not really allow for sand to get caught in nooks and crannies to stay on your blanket.
  • Sand Proof Beach Blankets Are Often Waterproof – The best sand free beach blanket is also one that’s waterproof. It should repel or wick away water so that it doesn’t get damp.
  • Beach Blankets Are Durable – Another benefit of buying a beach blanket is durability. Many of these blankets have been constructed to stick around for many seasons. With the fast wear and tear conditions of the beach, you don’t expect any much resistance from a simple, ordinary blanket.

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The 5 Best Sand Proof Beach Blankets Reviewed.

1. OCOOPA Beach Blanket – Best Overall

This OCOOPA Beach Blanket has cute marine animals on it, making this even more fun of a blanket for the beach. This is lightweight and easy to bring with you no matter how far away the beach is.

Even if you sit on some sticks, this blanket will survive. Made of tough material, it’s water resistant and will keep the sand from sneaking up through the bottom.

Made of parachute nylon, it may not be the most comfortable to sit on, but if you put a towel on top, you’ll remain sand free and comfortable all day long.

If this blanket does get wet, it will dry quickly. It also comes with stakes to keep it from coming up on a windy day.

OCOOPA Beach Blanket

Having this blanket, all of your beach trips will be so much more enjoyable to relax at the beach.

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  • 4 stakes to keep it from coming up with wind
  • Water resistant
  • durable stitching around the edges


  • Sometimes you get the wrong one delivered

Overall, this beach blanket is a perfect choice if your best beach blanket must be extremely versatile.

2. POPCHOSE Sand Free Beach Blanket– Best For Wind Resistance

The POPCHOSE Sand Free Beach Blanket comes as a thin blanket by design. This folds up into a small space, but when it’s open is a great area for multiple people to lay down and relax on.

This is made of a material similar to a raincoat, so it’s not the softest to lay on, but it does keep the sand off.

The blanket is very spacious when deployed – it spreads at 6.5ft by 7ft – giving a lot of area for a group to make use of.

What makes this sand proof beach blanket the best for windy conditions is how may places it has to hold it down. There are 5 sand pockets to fill to hold it down, as well as 6 stakes. So using both, your blanket is not going anywhere.

This blanket is easy to shake any sand that does make it’s way onto the blanket from stepping on it with sandy feet. It is also water resistant, but don’t take that to mean leaving it in a puddle.

popchose sand free blanket

Coming in two different sizes, this blanket gives you options if you want an even larger blanket to lay out on the beach with.

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  • Durable
  • Folds up to a small space
  • Can withstand heavy wind


  • The nylon can feel uncomfortable on your skin

Overall, this beach blanket is the best choice for you if you live in an area with strong ocean winds.

3.  BEARZ Outdoor Waterproof Beach Blanket – Best Waterproof Option

The BEARZ Outdoor Waterproof Beach Blanket packs plenty of features that will leave you enthused while on the beach. First, the blanket comes in a lightweight polyester footprint to make for easy carrying and transportation.

The fact that blanket folds into an extremely small size make it a desirable option among many users. Plus, the design also offers a wide-ranging versatile functionality – from being used in picnics, as a beach mat, or ground cover to being a reliable rainfly or tarp – the blanket simply rolls many functions into one little accessory.

The blanket’s size isn’t that small. Coming with 60×55 inches, this sand resistant beach blanket has enough space for two people although four can still feel at home on it.

It boasts a waterproof and yet durable polyester fabric. You will find it in about 6 different colors that suit any beach environment.

There are corner loops that become handy when laying the mat into place. The loops will prove their importance when there’s too much wind and you need to keep the blanket from being swept away.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket

You also have the pockets on each corner. These provide you with on the go storage spaces for your personal items like phones, books, etc.

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  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Extremely versatile
  • Very affordable


  • It is thinner
  • Just good for two people

Overall, Bearz Outdoor Beach Blanket is perfect for people looking for a very compact and cheap blanket for beach use.

4. Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket, Extra Large Oversized – Best For Families

Wekapo Sand Free Beach Blanket can accommodate up to seven people without a fuss. This is why the beach blanket measures a whopping 10×9 feet when deployed fully.

The design features a nylon fabric that will deliver durable performances over seasons to come. To make it a strong option for you, the nylon is triple-stitched, Sandproof and easy to clean.

Onto the four corners of the blanket, there are four large corner pockets. These have two different functions; either fill them up with sand to hold the blanket in times of storms or keep your items in there for easy reach.

You also have four loops that will take up stakes. The blanket is very versatile as you can readily use it for events and places far from the beach.

Wekapo Sand Proof Beach Blanket (Blue)

Once you are done using, simply fold back the blanket. It folds very compactly into a 6×7 inch size that’s easy and fast to pack in carrying bag that comes along.

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  • Very convenient
  • Large-sized
  • Can withstand windy conditions
  • Folds compactly


  • Thin

Overall, a good option if you are looking for oversized beach blankets that can take care of a larger group of people.

5.  WELLAX Sand Free Beach Blanket – Most Portable Option

Another extra-large beach blanket is this WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket that measures 10×9 feet in size. The unit is perfect for a family or a large group of people.

It boasts a premium-grade parachute nylon construction for its design. This type of nylon is not only breathable for your comfort but also puts in an excellent performance it whatever circumstances the blanket is going to be used.

As expected of many blankets of this kind, WELLAX Sandfree Beach Blanket also delivers great versatility, becoming handy in picnics, travels, beach events, and more.

The unit folds into a very compact size. From 10×9 feet to 4×8 inches. This, coupled with the extremely low weight (16 oz.) makes it extremely lightweight and very portable.

WELLAX Blanket

Moreover, the blanket is easy to wash and waterproof.

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  • Large size
  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof case


  • Metal stakes are reported not tow work perfectly

Overall, a great buy if you want a big-sized option of beach blankets.

Things To Keep In Mind When Picking A Blanket

A few things to double check before purchasing a blanket are:

  • Waterproof – does it matter to you if it gets wet? If so, look for one that’s waterproof.
  • Comfort – Comfort is king everywhere. In addition to being waterproof, a sand beach blanket should also be comfy to sit on at the beach. Look for one that’s fairly thick to keep from feeling every rock and stick under you while sitting on this blanket.
  • Size and Weight Look for the right size that can accommodate the number of people you have in mind. It shouldn’t be too small to hold everybody comfortably – that is if you are not alone. Also make sure to find one that’s easy to carry.
  • Fabric Material – There is a whole range of fabrics from which these blankets may be constructed. From nylon to polyester, to fleece, and microfiber, the list is long. Choose one that you like the texture of, and one that won’t wear out quickly.

In Conclusion

The best sand proof beach blanket equals the best experience at the beach for you.

Fortunately, it begins with the choice you make. And of the sand free beach towels listed above, one should be perfect for you!

Keep in mind that the best beach blanket must have a high-quality fabric, should meet your space demand, and should deliver great comfort.