beach ball on sand

Best Beach Ball on Sand | 5 Inflatable Beach Balls

beach ball in sand

Are you the type who prefers to engage in a fun activity on the beach than sit on a beach chair all day? Then consider playing beach ball on sand.

Beach balls are for athletic people, those who like jumping and running around. More importantly, they are for kids and families.

Generally, beach balls are a fantastic distraction for everyone. So, before you can go swimming or bodyboarding, consider playing a beach ball.

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But how do you find the best beach ball, given that many do exist? Well, I’ll provide you with buying guide to direct you accordingly.

In a hurry? Check out our hottest inflatable beach balls below.

5 Best Beach Balls

  1. GoFloats 6′ Giant Inflatable Beach Ball – Best For Adults and Kids
  2. 4E’s Novelty Beach Balls for Kids Bulk – Best For Kids
  3. Coogam Inflatable Beach Ball  – Most Colorful Option
  4. Top Race Giant Inflatable 6-Foot Pool Ball – Best All-Around Option
  5. Top Race Inflatable Multi-Pack Pool Balls – Most Economical Choice

Types of Beach Balls For Sand

Generally, beach balls exist in two primary categories as follows:

a) Beach Balls For Kids

Kids beach balls come in multi-colors and in a wide selection of styles and sizes. They are generally made from child-safe plastic materials.

Not only can kids use these beach balls on the beach but also at concerts and kids’ festivals.

Sometimes, these beach balls are used for decorations because of their aesthetic. The balls are generally lightweight and soft, thus kids-friendly.

b) Beach Balls For Adults

Unlike beach balls for kids, adult beach balls are heavier to encourage wind-resistance. They are also slightly rougher and thicker and tend to come in fewer colors.

Generally, these beach balls are slightly expensive than those for kids. Additionally, they are more suited to beaches and other drylands.

Buying Guide For The Best Beach Ball On Sand

Consider these nine factors when shopping for a beach ball:

  • Ball Size
 beach ball on sand

Beach balls come in a variety of sizes, some bigger than others.

On average, however, most beach balls for kids have a 12-16 inch diameter. So, kids find such options comfortable to toss around.

But when it comes to adults, we’ve options that are up to 5-6 feet. While such big beach balls may be comfortable for adults, kids may find them heavy and hard to grip.

  • Material Type

Kids are likely to kick a beach ball with force and even jump on it. So, the balls have to withstand physical aggression.

For that reason, consider a hard-to-puncture material like vinyl (PVC). Vinyl makes a beach ball resistant to tear and all kind of mishandling.

  • Ball Color

Again, it all comes down to personal choice when considering the ball’s color. You don’t expect kids to fancy clear balls, and that explains why a majority of beach balls are colorful.

So, go for your kids’ favorite color if you want them to have the appetite for playing beach ball on sand.

Also, remember to pick a color that the kids can easily spot on the beach from a distance.

  • Mode of Inflation

You have to inflate a beach ball before you can play with it. A majority of them, luckily, are mouth-inflated. So, you don’t have to carry a hand pump to the beach.

Usually, mouth-inflated beach balls are smaller in size. Hand-pumped beach balls, on the other hand, are more massive.

Pumps are generally quicker and less stressful. So, if you don’t want to feel lightheaded after inflating a beach ball, pick a pump option.

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Additional Factors

  • Ball Weight

As earlier mentioned, kids’ beach balls are lightweight. Therefore, children find them easy to kick and toss.

Those for adults, however, are slightly heavy. So, kids may find them hard to play with, but the experience is different for adults.

  • Ball Style beach ball on sand

Beach balls come in a wide range of styles to demonstrate different personalities. For example, beach balls with a globe theme suit educational and planet-loving guys.

Those with animal themes, in contrast, suit animal lovers. Some even come with glitters to demonstrate glamor.

If you can’t find a beach ball that showcases your personality, then go for a clear ball and personalize it.

  • Patch Repair Kit

Though a material like vinyl is not easy to tear, it is not 100% puncture resistant. Sharp rocks and thorns are a significant threat to the fabric and so if the ball can get punctured if it comes into contact with any of them.

That’s why it’s advisable to get a summer beach ball with a patch repair kit. It’ll help you fix the puncture quickly and resume play almost immediately.

  • Firmness

Generally, beach balls for adults are firmer, thus easy to bounce on the beach. They are also throwable, considering that they allow you to have a firm grip.

Softer balls, on the other hand, suit kids. They may not bounce as spectacularly as firmer options but are packable and throwable.

They are also not rough on the kids’ faces, thus kids-friendly.

  • Closure Mechanism

Upon inflating a beach ball, air shouldn’t escape easily. So, the ball should have a reliable air stopper.

An air stopper holds air inside the ball after pumping to maintain its firmness and size.

Additionally, the closure should be sturdy not to pop out when you start to toss the ball.

5 Best Beach Ball On Sand

Below are my best beach balls on the market today.

1. GoFloats 6′ Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

(Target – Adults & Kids)

The GoFloats 6′ Giant Inflatable Beach Ball is a giant-size beach ball that suits both adults and kids.

With a 6-foot diameter size, this beach ball is probably the largest beach ball on the market today.

It comes in a durable construction to serve you longer. It’s, however, advisable to only play the beach ball in sand, backyard, and pool to get its best value.

In case something punctures it, the ball comes with a patch repair kit for fixing it quickly.

This beach ball features a rapid valve that facilitates quick inflation. The deflation is also stress-free because of the valve.

GoFloats 6′ Giant Inflatable Beach Ball comes in a classic eye-catching design, thus easy to spot on the coast. You can choose between the Classic and Merica design.

beach ball in sand

Because of its massive size, you need a pump to inflate it. The pump, however, is not included in the purchase.

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Highlight Features

  • Giant size
  • Colorful design
  • Durable construction
  • Patch repair kit
  • Rapid valve

2. 4E’s Novelty Beach Balls for Kids Bulk

(Target – Kids)

Do your kids adore the colors of the rainbow? Then that is what they get from the 4E’s Novelty Beach Balls for Kids Bulk.

The 4E’s Novelty Beach Balls for Kids Bulk comes as a 3-pack.

Each ball measures 20 inches in diameter, thus more considerable than the standard beach ball on sand.

They come in premium PVC construction, hence strong and durable. The material is also non-toxic

But despite their toughness, these balls have a soft feel to make them comfortable for kids to kick around the outdoors.

They are also easy to inflate, all thanks to their quick valve. The quick valve also encourages fast deflation to enable you to pack the balls quickly and save on space.

summer beach ball

Interestingly, you can choose to or not to use a pump. So, it’s a matter of preference.

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Highlight Features

  • Rainbow colors
  • Soft-touch
  • High-strength PVC
  • Quick valve
  • 3 pack

3. Coogam Inflatable Beach Ball Classic Rainbow

(Target – Kids)

The Coogam Inflatable Beach Ball Classic Rainbow is another large pack for kids. There are ten balls in the pack, measuring 8-12 inches in diameter each when inflated.

What I like about these big beach balls is their ability to hold air for long. You can count on them not to self-deflate overnight.

The balls also have a soft touch, which makes them kids-friendly. As a result, it’s quite unlikely that your kids will get hurt playing the inflatables.

Coming in PVC construction, these balls are genuinely tougher even though they feel soft. So, kids can handle them aggressively without tearing them.

The material also doesn’t fade even after long hours of sun exposure.

inflatable beach balls

Coogam Inflatable Beach Ball Classic Rainbow balls are very colorful to also serve as decorations. Additionally, they are lightweight for kids to throw them around easily.

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Highlight Features

  • 10-pack colorful balls
  • Soft-touch
  • Tougher build
  • Fade-proof
  • Easy inflation and slow self-deflation

4. Top Race Giant Inflatable Beach Balls 6-Foot Pool Ball

(Target – Adults)

If you are looking for a low-cost beach ball to play with your kids, consider the Top Race Giant Inflatable Beach Balls 5-Foot Pool Ball.

Standing at about 5-feet tall, this beach ball is an imposing toy. However, despite its giant size, it only weighs 2.69 pounds.

It’s made of thick, high-quality materials to roll over bumps easily. As a result, it’s almost effortless to roll this beach ball on sand. It’s also perfect for the swimming pool and backyard

Top Race Giant Inflatable Beach Balls 5-Foot Pool Ball comes in rainbow colors, and so it’s eye-catching and easy to spot on the sandy beach.

The ball is easy to inflate, and so is its deflation. Therefore, this ball is convenient to pack and carry to the beach.

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Highlight Features

  • 6-foot tall
  • High-quality construction
  • Rainbow colors
  • Easy to inflate

5. Top Race Inflatable Beach Balls Jumbo 5-Inch Pool Balls

(Target – Adults and Kids)

The Top Race Inflatable Beach Balls Jumbo 5-Inch Pool Balls come as a 25-pack, ideal for larger groups. All the balls come in rainbow colors, therefore easy to spot on the beach.

They have slow inflation, and so they tend to hold air longer. Primarily, that’s thanks to their 0.18 mm thick plastic covering.

The inflatable beach balls are 5 inches in diameter and, as a result, are comfortable to throw around and pick. They deflate easily for convenient packing.

These balls are made of thick, child-safe material. So, they are comfortable and safe for kids playing anywhere outdoors and not just the beach.

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Highlight Features

  • 25 pack
  • Rainbow colors
  • Child-safe construction (for over 3 years old)
  • Easy inflation and slow self-deflation

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1. Which Is The Best Material For Beach Balls?

A majority of beach balls come in PVC (vinyl). The material is not just lightweight but also puncture-resistant.

PVC also bounces well on sand and is not easily damaged by sun exposure. As a result, it’s the best material choice for beach balls.

It’s essential, however, that the material is thick to encourage durability.

2. Are Beach Balls Heavy?

Beach balls vary in weight from brand to brand and depending on the target group. Kids beach balls, for example, are very lightweight, with a majority weighing less than 10 ounces.

There are a few giant ones, however, especially those for adults that weigh as much as 1-5 pounds.

3. How Do I Inflate A Beach Ball?

You can inflate a beach ball using an air pump or by mouth. It generally depends on the size of the summer beach ball. If the ball is small, then it can be mouth-inflated, but if it’s big, then you’ll need a pump.

4. How Big Are Beach Balls?

The standard beach ball measures 12-16 inches. But still, there are smaller ones that measure 10 inches or less and a few giant ones that are as massive as 5-6 feet.

Generally, small-sized beach balls suit kids while bigger ones suit both kids and adults.

5. Can I Use A Bicycle Pump To Inflate A Beach Ball?

If it’s a giant ball, then yes, you can inflate it using a bicycle pump. A pump is faster and less stressful than mouth inflation.

You should note, however, that you don’t need a bicycle pump if the ball is small.

Concluding Thought

Generally, playing beach ball on sand is exciting for families retreating on the beach. So, there is no active activity that is funnier than this.

It, however, takes the best beach ball to experience the full thrill.