how to use a beach umbrella

4 Tips On How To Use A Beach Umbrella For The Best Beach Experience

Oftentimes, the idea of bringing an umbrella to the beach is better than reality. Constantly having to stand up to change the angle of the umbrella so you stay in the shade, making sure it’s securely in the sand and won’t fall over, constantly worrying about it flying away with a big gust of wind, and also having to make the decision – is it you or your items that get space in the shade?

All of this can make it extra frustrating when you’re just trying to enjoy a day at the beach, with a little bit of shade coverage.

Luckily, I have 4 practical tips for how to use an umbrella to make carrying and setting it up at the beach worth it and make you get to just enjoy the beach.

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How To Use A Beach Umbrella

Just thinking about having an umbrella at the beach can be a dream, having shade to sit under when the sun gets too hot, and extend your stay by the water. The simple answer for how to use a beach umbrella is to screw it in the sand securely. Make sure you’re using a stake that actually screws in, or else it’s likely to fall over or blow away.

This Blissun Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor is a great example of one that’s stable in wind.

But to make it more effective at providing shade and not blowing away in the wind, you want to: screw the umbrella in at an angle, use a sand bag to hold down your umbrella, hang towels on your umbrella to provide more shade, and if you are using them, store your items under your beach chairs.

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1. Screw In The Umbrella At An Angle

When you put your umbrella in the sand, do not just screw it straight into the ground. You want to angle the umbrella so that it is leaning back and away from the direction of any gusts of wind. This will help keep your umbrella more secure and also provide more shade coverage for a larger area.

When you’re placing it, along with thinking of wind, think of where the sun is overhead and what direction it’s going in. It’s not often that the sun is directly above you either, unless at the equator. So having your umbrella at an angle that at least somewhat matches the sun will make you have to move it a lot less during your beach stay.

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2. Using A Beach Umbrella With Sand Bags

If you’re looking into how to keep beach umbrella from blowing away, then using a sandbag is the way to go. When people use only the screw in their umbrellas, it can be easy for them to fly away with a good gust of wind or when someone accidentally knocks into it and hits it wrong.

This also helps keep the umbrella at an angle so you are ensured more shade all day long without having to constantly move to stay with the shade.

Sand bags are one of the best methods while at the beach to keep anything secure. You just bring a bag and then fill it with sand while at the beach, and then when leaving the beach, empty it of the sand. Try to use dry sand for easier cleanup at the end.

If you have a beach umbrella, there’s a good chance it came with a bag to carry the beach umbrella. All you need to do is fill that bag with sand from your beach, and attach it securely onto one of the posts on your umbrella in order to ensure that it remains at a consistent angle.

How To Keep Beach Umbrella From Blowing Away

Making sure your beach umbrella does not blow away is hugely important while at the beach. They are large and can seriously harm people if they do get caught in the wind.

Ensuring your umbrella is angling away from the wind, as well as having a sand bag attached to the umbrella will help keep your umbrella safe and secure.

3. Hang Clothes and Towels From The Umbrella Stretcher Bars

Hanging clothes and towels on the stretcher bars of your umbrella is a great way to provide extra shade coverage. You can hang up beach towels, bathing suits, and empty beach bags from the bars to maximize the area that you have shaded while still giving everyone enough room to move around under the umbrella.

Make sure that these are still fairly light items so that they don’t drag down the umbrella or accidentally bend one of the parts of your umbrella.

By strategically hanging one towel in the right position around your umbrella, you can enjoy significantly more shade.

4. Store Items Under Your Chairs

This last tip only works if you are using beach chairs, but one of the best things to do for saving space under the umbrella for you, rather than all of your items, is to put them under your chairs. This way your food and electronics or anything else you brought is being shaded by your chairs, and you, towels, and your chairs can all be directly shaded by the umbrellas!

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How To Use A Beach Umbrella – Final Thoughts

When going to the beach and bringing an umbrella, make sure to choose a beach umbrella that has a good base for screwing into the sand. Use these practical tips to make sure your shade is always accessible: tilt your umbrella in the direction of the sun, attach a sand bag to it, hang items from its edges and store smaller items underneath chairs. Now you can enjoy being out of direct sunlight without having to constantly move or adjust your umbrella!