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7 Great Outdoor Teepee Tents For Any Adventure 2022

Teepee tents have so many benefits compared to other types of tents. But not all are made the same. so we’ve found 7 of the best teepee tents that can withstand being outdoors for you.

Whether you’re looking for one that will fit many people or just a few, one to keep up all summer long or one to take with you on backpacking trips, we’ve found one for you!

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In A Hurry? Here’s A Quick List

Why Teepee Tents?

Teepee tents have been around for a long time. Traditionally, they are taller than regular tents so you can stand up, can have a lot more floor space to hold many people, and often have space and air flow to have a stove inside to keep toasty during the cold nights.

Most of the ones on this list are easy to take apart and carry with you, making them not only convenient for going to the beach or backpacking, but also easy to store during the months they aren’t being used.

One drawback to some teepee tents, especially many camping ones on the market today is that they can’t withstand rain very well, whether because of the flap at the top not closing, or water pooling at the bottom. So that is something important to look out for.

Best Teepee Tents

Outsunny 12ft 6 Person Camping Tent – Best for Camping

This Outsunny Camping Tent is a great choice for any camping trip. It can easily fit 6 people inside, while standing comfortably. This is a 3 season tent, not being rated for winter cold nights, but is great for calm spring, summer, and fall days.

It can fold down to be compact for carrying or storing when not in use. It also has netted doors and windows to protect you from bugs while inside, while still giving good ventilation.

One downside of this tent is that it’s not meant to be used in extreme weather conditions like rain, heavy wind, or cold winter nights.

outsunny camping tent

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KAZOO Family Camping Tent – Best for the Beach

Looking for a teepee tent for the beach? The KAZOO family camping tent is a great option. Being able to hold up to 8 people, it’s got enough space for people and storage for all of your beach gear.

The reason this is best for the beach is for 2 reasons: It has 2 layers, a mesh one and a rain tarp. The mesh layer can be closed and you can still see out, just without being bitten by bugs. Or each piece can be used as a standalone tent. The front door will also open up of the rainfly to create a bit of a barrier against any weather, making a small shade or tarp for the entrance.

kazoo family camping tent

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OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent – Best for 1-2 People

If you’re looking for a lightweight hut to carry with you on a backpacking trip or just have less to carry for the day, this OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent is a great option. It will hold 1-2 people.

This weighs only 4.2lbs, making this so light you might forget you’re carrying it. This one does not include a base mat or tarp, so that is something you’ll have to get separately if you’re not wanting to be touching the ground directly.

This is a great tent for any weather, being waterproof, having space for a stove inside, or ventilation for hot summer days. It can also withstand heavy wind.

onetigris iron wall tent

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OneTigris Rock Fortress – Best for larger groups

This OneTigris Rock Fortress can hold 4-6 people and has space for a stove inside, making this a good four season option.

If you’re looking for a tent to set up as base camp during a long fishing or hunting expedition, this is a great choice. The inside at the tallest point reaches 7.8ft tall, making this a tent most people will be able to stand straight in comfortably.

The material of this teepee is very waterproof, making this one able to withstand rainstorms. It also has a base that can be pulled up to protect from snow getting in, or lowered down to create more ventilation on summer days.

onetigris rock fortress

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Tiny Lands Kids Teepee Tent – Best for Kids

If you’re looking for a fun teepee for kids to play in, this Tiny Lands one is a great choice. It can easily be an indoor or outdoor teepee, and will be fun for them to play for many days to come.

This tent folds down if you don’t want to keep it up, and includes a soft mat for the base. The ideal age range for this product is 3-7 years, primarily because of the height of it.

It’s perfect for a reading nook or a place to hide in the shade on hot summer days outdoors.

tiny lands kids teepee tent

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Latourreg 2 Person Camping Pyramid Tent – Best for keeping up all summer

Of all of the tents on this list, this is the closest to what a traditional teepee tent is made out of. this tent can hold Latourreg Pyramid Tent can sleep 2-3 people, depending on if using air mattresses or sleeping bags.

This is made of a cotton canvas, and has two doors as well as other ventilation windows, making it comfortable to sleep in during hot summer nights.

The downside to this pyramid tent is that it’s not going to keep you dry in a rain storm, so it’s best to just use on days when rain is not predicted.

This is the perfect teepee tent to put in your backyard garden all summer long.

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TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent – Best Overall

This TETON Sports Sierra Canvas Tent has gotten the widest range of best reviews of all of these tents. Not only does this tent have the space for 6-10 people depending on how close you want to sleep, but it’s base can also be removed/put on as you want.

So essentially, this is a 2-in-1 product, being able to double both for a tent or just a day cover. This tent is also made for all weather, being one of the few that can withstand rain and not have customer complaints about it.

There are also easy to access ports for you to connect electronics into this tent if you choose, making this great for glamping or setting up in your backyard. It’s easy to setup and can be cleaned very easily.

teton sports sierra canvas hut

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Hopefully you’ve found the right tent for you off of this list. Teepee tents can be great, spacious, stay warm in the cooler months, or keep you cool in the hotter months.