beach chair with canopy and cup holder

6 Of The Most Comfortable Beach Chair With Canopy and Cup Holder

A beach chair with canopy and cup holder is a must have…

But why?

Relaxing  at the beach or outside your house are some of life’s sweetest moments….

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beach chair with canopy and cup holder

However, exposing your skin and eyes to  direct sunlight  is not only harmful, but also uncomfortable and that’s why beach chairs with umbrellas attached were invented.

A few years ago, one had to carry both beach chairs and umbrellas while going to the beach or build a sun shade outside the house.

Having a beach chair with an umbrella saves you all this hassle and lets you just relax because the umbrella will protect you.

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Best Beach Chair With Canopy and Cup Holder

  1. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair – Best Reclining Umbrella Chair
  2. Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Camp Chair – Best Folding Umbrella Chair
  3. SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair – Best For All Ages
  4. Redmon For Kids Umbrella Camp Chair – Best For Kids
  5. Best Choice Products Double Folding Chair with Umbrella – Best For Couples
  6. Oversize Folding Camping Chair with Canopy – Best For Plus-Size

Best Beach Chair With Canopy Umbrellas.

1. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair.

The Sport-Brella Recliner Chair is one of the best beach chairs for staying in the shade, in terms of design and construction.

This is a very comfortable beach chair with an adjustable umbrella that can recline in three positions to allow you to sit up or lie down, and also comes with a footrest so you can really relax.

This beautiful chair features a full coverage umbrella that has a 3-way swivel incase the direction of the sun changes.

The beach chair umbrella has UPF 50+ and metallic undercoating to ensure you are extra protected from sun.

Though this beach chair with umbrella looks pretty huge when it’s open, it’s lightweight and you can fold it up and store in the carry bag, making this easy to take with you everywhere.

It also features an insulated pocket for snacks and cold drinks, a cup holder, and extra storage pockets for any other items.

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The build of this chair is not the best quality, so it will break down faster than other chairs.

2. Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair.

This folding camp chair from Quik Shade has a unique design that includes an adjustable canopy, rather than an umbrella which is better for sun protection.

The chair is made of very durable and sturdy steel frame that can handle up to 225lbs and is covered with tough polyester fabric which is both water and stain resistant.

The Quik Shade Folding Camp Chair features 2 mesh cup holders, a fabric pocket and the rectangular canopy that can be rotated or adjusted depending on where the sun is.

The material used to make the seat and canopy remains cool no matter how hot the sun is to ensure you are comfortable and not sweating.

Opening and closing down this chair is very easy and there is a carry bag included to store the chair for easier transport.

It’s a great beach chair for adults or children alike, with the canopy, and the price is very low.

Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair - Royal Blue

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Some screws tend to come out during use but you can replace them.

3. SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair.

In terms of design, Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair is one of the best beach chairs on the market that features an oversized seat with rounded front-ergonomic comfort.

This beach chair is great for adults, kids and even toddlers awake or sleeping.

The chair is made of a strong and sturdy steel frame with a mesh fabric so your skin can breathe freely and not sweat.

The canopy features 50+ UPF protections and you can adjust it as needed to get more shade and protection from the sun and wind.

Further, what makes this beach chair with a canopy very unique is that the canopy also acts as the carrying case when it’s folded up.

Other than protecting you from sun, this canopy will also guard you against rain. To make it easier to carry, there is a strap on the case.

Kelsyus original canopy chair

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The canopy does not always cover you when the sun is very low, so it would be better if it had a flap on the back and front.

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4. Redmon For Kids Beach Baby Umbrella Camp Chair.

Going to the beach or camping doesn’t have to be a scary affair for your child anymore because this sturdy beach chair with umbrella offers protection against rain, wind and sun.

Redmon For Kids Beach Baby Umbrella Camp Chair is made with comfort in mind for adults and kids as well.

This blue folding baby beach chair with umbrella comes with a removable umbrella that can be used separately and a matching tote bag for easy transportation

The chair is very wide and strong with dual safety chair locks so that it won’t close accidentally.

This beautiful beach chair with umbrella attached also has comfortable arm rests and a cup holder for your convenience.

If you are looking for a beach chair for your small child or toddler, this Redmon For Kids Beach chair should be your first choice because its small enough, comfortable, and comes in fun colors.

beach chair with canopy and cup holder

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The beach chair umbrella with clamp cannot be adjusted when the sun changes direction and kids tend to outgrow it very fast.

5. Best Choice Products Picnic Double Folding Chair with Umbrella.

No beach chair offers better value than this picnic double folding chair with umbrella from Best Choice Products.

The package comes with two foldable beach chairs made of strong nylon and very sturdy steel frame, a removable-adjustable umbrella, and a table cooler to keep your drinks cold.

Each chair features comfortable arm rests and a cup holder so you can just put your drink down and relax.

When open, these umbrella covered beach chairs are very sturdy and there are two storage compartments.

It’s a perfect beach chair with an umbrella for camping, going to the beach or tailgates ,since it’s portable, lightweight and versatile. The package also folds easily and fits in a very nice carrying case for easy transportation.

beach chair with canopy and cup holder

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Though the seats are strong and sturdy, the size is small for adults and the umbrella is not the best quality.

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6.Oversize Folding Camping Chair Heavy Duty with Canopy.

This quad style chair features a waterproof canopy to protect you from the sun, rain and other elements.

The canopy can swing up or down depending on the suns direction and it has overhead pockets to store your items.

This Oversize Folding Camping Chair folds easily into a compact package and the canopy acts as the carrying bag.

However, the best feature about this chair is it’s size. Being oversized and very sturdy means plus size individuals will be comfortable without breaking the chair.

This heavy duty chair also features armrests with cup holder and very breathable and comfortable seat. It’s a great chair with a canopy to go to the beach, fishing, and picnic or just sit on the patio because it’s beautiful and lightweight.

ALPHA CAMP Camp Chairs with Shade Canopy beach chair with canopy and cup holderport 350 LBS - Navy Blue

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The overhead pockets are really small.

Buying Guide for The Best Beach Chair With Canopy And Cup Holder.

Whether you are looking to be spending some afternoons in your backyard or taking your family to the beach, finding the best beach chair with canopy and cup holder for you is important.

This will depend on the user’s size and age, how hot your area gets, how many hours you plan on spending in the chair, and your budget.

Other features to look for include;

  • Portability:

The portability of a chair largely depends on its weight, material and ability to fold. The most portable beach chairs with umbrella are those that are lightweight and fold easily into compact packages.

Backpack designs and steel frames are better than wooden beach chairs because of weight and ease of carrying.

  • Capabilities:

Other than being able to fold up into a small package, beach chairs with a canopy should be able to recline to at least two positions so you can sit back and relax.

The chair must also be strong and sturdy enough to hold an adult of any weight if it’s meant for adults and also safe for children.

  • Extra Features:

Some extra features that you will not find in cheap beach chairs will provide more comfort and leisure even though they will probably increase the price for that.

Such features include a footrest, cup holders, pockets, an adjustable neck rest, and built-in cooler.

Extra Factors

  • Sun and rain protection:

The umbrella or canopy must be made of a thick material that has UPF 30 and above.

It should also be adjustable so you can move it from one side to the other as the sun moves.

  • Material:

Steel and aluminum frames are best if you will be carrying the chair to the beach but they are not as sturdy and durable as wooden chairs suitable for porch and fishing.

Choose a material that is rust-resistant and one that will not burn your skin when you are sitting.


A beach chair with canopy and cup holder can be available in all sizes and designs. You just need to choose one that is comfortable for your age, size and location.

The chair must be easy to use and easy to maintain.