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Bring The Best Beach Toys To The Beach For All Day Entertainment 2022

Going to beach is great fun. But the ocean on it’s own is not always enough entertainment for kids. That’s why bringing some of the best beach toys can so beneficial for your next adventure!

Beach activities are very varied depending upon your children’s age. Babies and toddlers could use sand molds and shovels. But older children may want to go out in the water on a boogie board!

In a hurry? Check out our absolute favorites! Or keep reading to find out our favorite sand toys, water toys, and games for the beach for various ages!

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Best Beach Toys

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Sand Toys

If you’re looking for baby beach toys or beach toys for toddlers, looking at toys to play on the sand is a good place to start. This way you can keep a close eye on them while they’re playing! But some of these, like sand castle making is fun for most ages.

Sand Molds

Recommended Age: 18 months – toddler

Sand mold toys are a great choice to make shapes out of the nearby wet sand! These can create hours of fun of sand play and helping boost your child’s imagination.

Our Pick: BLUE GINGKO Silicone Beach Toys

Help save the environment slightly by choosing to not buy plastic for your next beach toy purchase. These are easily washable after a day of playing, and are all flexible to easily pack up in the car. These are durable toys.

Being made of silicone rather than plastic means it’s an easy to grab material, so it won’t be hard to pick up off the sand. But it also means that the shovel that comes with it is soft, so it’s not as easy to use the shovel.

blue gingko silicone sand molds

Sand Castle Molds

Recommended Age: 18 months+

Building sandcastles is fun for just about everyone. This is a fun beach activity for toddlers or adults. To build sandcastles, you’ll need a bucket, sand castle molds of different shapes, and damp sand to make sure the castle keeps it’s shape!

Our Pick: Click N Play 13 Piece Sand Castle Mold Set

This multi-piece beach sand toy set comes with multiple pieces to make different shapes of a sandcastle to create a giant masterpiece. Alongside it, it comes with a bucket, small watering can, sand sifter, and shovels. This is everything you need to create your very own castle!

click n' play 13 piece sand castle mold set

Sand Dump Truck

Recommended Age: 18 months+

One of the most entertaining things for a kid to do on the beach is to move sand around. And having a dump truck beach toy is a great choice. This is a great beach toy for toddlers, to keep them active all day long.

Our Pick: John Deere Sand Toys Dump Truck & Tractor

This is a 2-piece set of both a dump truck and a tractor, so the tractor can fill the dump truck with sand, and then the dump truck can take the sand away! It’s got big wheels so it’s able to easily maneuver on the sandy beach. These green toys can be easily spotted on the sand, so you don’t have to worry about losing them on the beach.

john deere sand toys dump truck & tractor

Some other fun options for older kids to play with on the beach include kites if it’s a windy day, and remote control cars that zoom along the sand.

Water Toys

If you want to get out into the water rather than just sitting and playing on the sand, we’ve found some fun water beach toys for kids to play with! This is an easy way to keep cool while staying entertained.

Keep in mind, with the water toys, you will need to keep a much closer eye on younger kids, and some of these are more for older kids.

Let’s look at some of these fun beach toys for playing with the water!

Surfer Dude’s Wave Powered Mini Surfer

Recommended Age: 6 years+

A fairly specific toy, but this Surfer Dude’s Wave Powered Mini Surfer is such a fun toy to play with in the waves. This is like a boomerang, but for water.

It doesn’t require any batteries, as it uses the power of the water. Simply throw it in at the shallow end where there are small waves, and watch it ride the water.

surfer dudes

Boogie Board

Recommended Age: 6 years+

A boogie board is also such a fun choice for playing in the water for older kids. This is one of the best beach toys you can get, and it’ll keep your children (and some adults) entertained in the water all day long.

This does require that you’re at a beach that does have some waves breaking a few feet away from the edge of the sand.

Our Pick: 4 Ever Inflatable Surf Body Board

This body board is a great choice, as it can work for up to 180 pounds, and is inflatable, making it easy to transport and store when it’s not the right season.

It has handles for easy use in the water, and can double as a kickboard if you’re learning to swim, rather than catching the waves. If you don’t deflate it, it will hold air for up to one month! The only downside is that it doesn’t have a strap.

4 ever inflatable surf body board

Water Squirter

Recommended Age: 6 years+

Water squirters are another really fun toy to play with on the beach. This incorporates both playing on the sand as well as with the water. These are better than water guns, because they’re easier to fill with open water, like the ocean.

These are great for older kids or teens, to keep entertained and cool on a hot summer day.

Our Pick: Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

Get everyone in the family playing with these water blasters. Looks like a pool noodle, these are really easy to fill by just sucking up water and then running to play.

To keep from losing these in the water, they do float. The water will shoot from these blasters up to 30 feet, so you can easily reach your targets.

max liquidator water blaster


These are some of the best beach toys whether you’re looking for toys for babies, toddlers, older kids, or even adults for summer fun.