Best Beach Wagon For Toddlers

Best Beach Wagon For Toddlers | Best Beach Wagon For Kids 2022

Having the best beach wagon for toddlers can be the best toy that you take to the beach. Even before you get to the beach, you can use the wagon to carry other toys or tents.

Afterwards, your child can play with the wagon until you leave the beach. The wagons are great for a home with two kids. One of them can pull the wagon as the other enjoys the ride.

In a hurry? Check out the best wagons for kids below.

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3 Best Beach Wagons For Toddlers & Kids

  1. Radio Flyer Full Size Wood Kids Wagon – Wooden Wagon
  2. Radio Flyer Ultimate Wagon – Fold Up Wagon With Canopy
  3. Ever Advanced Foldable Wagon – Wagon For Kids And Cargo

What Is A Toddler / Kids Beach Wagon?

A beach wagon is a trailer that can be used to carry items in the beach. A beach wagon for kids is made for carting your kids with you so they don’t have to walk the whole way there.

There are a few main perks when it comes to using a beach wagon for kids. Often, they can fit two children, which makes this great for families with two young children. They also don’t have to be near the same age to both fit in the stroller, and no one is fighting over it.

Also, these beach wagons are more likely to handle sand better than a stroller because they are made for the beach, so they’ll have better wheels most likely.

If you’re going to the beach, you’ll need supplies and toys for the sand and water. Using a beach wagon for kids is a great option because they often have some storage space to hold your beach items, so you won’t have to juggle everything and a wagon in your hands.

Types Of Kids Beach Wagons Available In The Market.

There are three common types of beach wagons in the market; plastic, fabric, and wooden beach wagons.

Plastic Non-Collapsible Beach Wagons For Toddlers: These are some of the best types of beach wagons that you can go for. They are perfect for toddlers of any size. Choosing plastic means they’ll last forever and won’t be affected by water.

Wooden Beach Wagons For Toddlers: The wooden beach wagons are popular everywhere, whether taking to the beach, the zoo, or just out for a walk. The drawback is they will wear out with too much water contact.

Foldable Beach Wagons For Toddlers: The foldable beach wagons are the most portable wagons for your kids. These are economical on space; hence you can carry more items to the beach in your car. The foldable beach wagons have a more sophisticated construction that consists of lightweight material reinforced with a stronger material.

3 Best Wagon For Toddlers For Beach Fun

1.Radio Flyer Full Size All-Terrain Wood Kids Wagon.

This radio flyer all terrain beach wagon model can be used in all types of terrains. The large raised wheels enable it to pass through quite a number of small obstacles that would have stopped all the other types of wagons.

The wagon is also perfect for the beach. The tires are large enough to maintain a firm position on the sand, no matter how deep it is. The tires are also made of rubber and can be inflated. They make the ride much smoother than the usual rides.

Even if you hit a ridge on a pavement, the tires will absorb the shock produced and hence you can continue without discomforting the kids.

The weight limit of this radio flyer beach wagon outmatches those of other beach wagons for sale. It can take weights of up to 200 pounds. A full grown toddler cannot even reach this type of weight, hence it is perfect for any child of 18 months and up.

The construction comprises of a steel lower body and wooden sides. The steel makes the radio flyer wagon sturdy while the wood is a light support for the sides. Though the construction seems like it has a high weight value, the whole thing weighs just 34.4 pounds.

Radio Flyer Full Size All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon

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2.Radio Flyer Ultimate Folding Wagon For Kids.

The radio flyer kid’s beach wagon is easy to fold and unfold. It just requires one hand to unfold it, so you can do so with a baby on the other hand.

The wagon has a removable canopy that hangs over it and filters out the UV rays while it provides shade from the sun’s rays. If you don’t need the shade, you can remove the canopy by the poles and use the wagon without it.

Any child from the age of 18 months to 6 years can enjoy the ride in the radio flyer collapsible kid’s wagon, making this a great older baby beach wagon.

Two children can be seated comfortably in the wagon at a time, making this great for families with multiple children. The Radio flyer wagon is also fitted with seat backs so that the child can lean back and sit comfortably as the wagon is in motion.

It also has four cup holders fitted on. The cup holders can also accommodate things like flasks and packed snacks.

The handle can be pushed inwards when the wagon is being stored and can also be elongated when it is being used. This saves on space as the handle would have needed a much wider space to be stored.

Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon for kids and cargo

The total weight of the complete wagon is just 22 pounds. Pulling it is quite an easy task because of the smooth motion.

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3. Ever Advanced Foldable Wagon For Kids & Cargo

If portability and convenience is at the top of your priorities, then the Ever Advanced Foldable Wagon is your best option. The foldable wagons for kids can be folded up to easily store or put in the trunk of your car for when not using it.

Its weight is just at 33 pounds. This wagon for toddlers is great because it can be pushed or pulled, and has a 5 point harness to make sure they stay in and don’t fall out.

This foldable wagon can hold up to 110 pounds, and kids up to age 7. These wheels are giant so it can easily handle beach sand, or any other difficult terrains.

Depending on the sun, you can easily put on or take off the canopy on top of this wagon.

ever advanced foldable wagon

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Buying Guide For The Best Beach Wagon For Toddlers.

Here are a few things to note about a beach wagon for kids and toddlers before purchasing it:

  • Portability:

Portability is an essential quality you need to see in a beach wagon. You can buy any of the beach wagons that are highly portable and will not cause frustrations when you are transporting them.

The collapsible wagon for kids can be carried by hand when not in use, thus proving to be convenient in trips organized for long trips.

The plastic non-collapsible types are also portable, but they can take up much more space than the collapsible wagons.

  • Handle:

The handle that will be held as the wagon is pulled over the sand needs to have the appropriate length. A wagon with an adjustable handle will be the best option for you to go for.

If the one you want does not have an adjustable handle, then it should have a length that is easy for you or the child to pull.

  • Size And Capacity:

Since the wagon is meant for kids, you need not buy a large wagon. You can however purchase a wagon with a big enough capacity to fit more than one child.

Some small beach wagons are capable of carrying 2-3 children. They however need the parent close to pull the wagon when it is full to capacity.

Anything larger than that will either be highly unstable or be too heavy for a child to pull.

  • Ease Of Use:

The best wagon for toddlers to use needs to be easy to fold and unfold. When you are unfolding the beach wagon, it should not take you more than a few seconds to get it set.

You would not want the frustrations because of these items at the beach; they might end up spoiling your moods there.

This is why you should go for the wagon that will just pop open the moment you pull it against gravity.

A wagon with these qualities is not hard to find. Here are the top beach wagons that you can buy for your children;


A beach wagon for kids with the mentioned qualities should be able to serve you for a long time.

A heavy duty wagon like the radio flyer wagon may not be as portable as the rest of the wagons, but it is the best beach wagon for toddlers to ride in on any path there is.