Best Heavy Duty Beach Chairs For Heavy Person

Best Beach Chairs for Heavy People 2023

Rio Beach Lace-up Aluminum Backpack Chair, Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Stripe

It’s a sad day when you don’t want to go to the beach regularly because you are a big man. Or because you are the heavy bloke. And you don’t want the embarrassment of squeezing into a standard beach chair.

I do understand that finding beach chairs for heavy people is no easy feat. Most people like you may have searched high and low only to find nothing afterward.

To make the news more unappealing, companies that make chairs have concentrated their focus on beach chairs for the normal person.

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Sadly, that leaves open a difficult task of selecting a good chair to relax in while on the beach.

Are you almost giving up with the search? Or do you hope you would find what you want?

Well. In this article, I want to make things lighter for you and present you a number of beach chairs for heavy people. So, I just think you got yourself a deal.

In a hurry? Check out my hot list for the best heavy-duty beach chairs below.

4 Best Heavy Duty Beach Chairs

  1. Tommy Bahama 5 Position Chair – Best Folding Heavy Duty Chair
  2. ALPHA CAMP Canopy Chair – Best Heavy Duty Chair With Canopy
  3. ONIVA A Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair– Best Reclining Heavy Duty Chair
  4. Big Jumbo Heavy Duty 500 lbs – Best Extra Large Heavy Duty Chair

What Do Beach Chairs For Heavy People Look Like?

A beach chair for heavy person is definitely larger than the normal or standard ones. As a result, the chair supports much more weights.

This is due to the fact that it comes finished with reinforced fabrics and elaborate support features. Thus, being able to handle a higher weight capacity.

Now, the beach chair for the heavy person must have the least weight capacity of 250 lbs. And you can even find those models that can accommodate up to 500 lbs.

This simplifies things for you and you can see that the ordinary-sized beach chair is only a mock. You don’t want to go too far with it.

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Why Do You Need a Heavy Duty Beach Chair ?

You should have every intention not to jump on the standard beach chair if you are of the plus-size tribe. That’s for real.

If you want real comfort and feel the kind of relaxation experienced down there on the shores, your perfect size which is the oversized chair, has to be the only solution.

Since the oversized chair is large, deep and spacious, you won’t struggle with turning in different positions. It allows you to rest your back comfortably because the backrest is customized to your size.

I know that you also do not want to be embarrassed in the public. Collapsing is one of those situations that grabs the attention of those around you.

Where is your pride? Well, it’s gone and if you want this to stop, getting a heavy-duty chair is the perfect answer.

Because this chair is also secure and gives an assurance of safety. It’s constructed on a reliable, solid structure with high-quality material fabrics that can hold the heavy lads through the hours.

In other words, it is made with special requirements of weight in mind.

The chair also comes with extra durability. It’s built with heavy-duty materials which means that not only will it support you well but also last long so that you won’t keep spending cash every other short interval.

Different Types of Beach Chairs For Heavy People.

As it is the norm with many products, heavy-duty beach chairs are manufactured by different brands. Hence they will always have varied features despite their shared appearance.

Here are the various types on the market.

1. Folding Beach Chairs for Heavy Person

The folding beach chairs are portable and suited to be used outdoors. These chairs are principally lightweight but are created to accommodate the heavy or oversized person without any problems.

The frames are usually made of aluminum for durability purposes. It’s this aluminum that makes the chair very lightweight and therefore easy to fold.

You can tuck the folded chair in the trunk or behind the back chair of your car.

tommy bahama 5 position chair

Here is the Tommy Bahama 5 Position Classic Chair. It can adjust to 5 different recline positions and it’s strong and lightweight.

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2. Heavy Duty Beach Chair with Canopy

For the best time on the beachside, the chair with a canopy is the way to go. The canopy provides much-needed shade for your better comfort because it protects you from the hot sun.

This canopy shade also ensures that you will not run into the expenses of buying a separate umbrella or beach tent. Although the canopy is not that extended to protect your lumbar region.

As it’s expected, this chair is constructed to be sturdy and strong. It needs to hold the shed on top properly and of course you.

ALPHA CAMP Heavy Duty Canopy Lounge Chair Sunshade Hiking Travel Chair with Cup Holder Enamel Blue

The ALPHA CAMP Mesh Canopy Chair comes with another interesting feature – folding. With a breathable mesh fabric on the back and seat, sitting for a long time in comfort is just lovable.

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3. Reclining Heavy Duty Beach Chair for Heavy Person

One of the best properties of beach chairs is the ability to recline. Beach life is not full fun without allowing the user to sit in a layback position.

The reclined position is definitely going to enable you to have a cool nap or sunbathe. Apart from being a secure chair, it’s quite large and tall to accommodate the tall and big person.

This chair is easy to assemble and can also fold for easy transportation.

ONIVA reclining chair

ONIVA – A Picnic Time Portable Reclining Camp Chair your perfect choice if you want to break the boredom of sitting in one position for long hours. The chair reclines in 3 positions for added comfort.

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4. Extra-Large Heavy Duty Beach Chairs for Big and Tall

For the very obese and tall beachgoers, an extra large beach chair is a great option. This chair is constructed to be extra wide, more spacious and comes with extra seat depth.

This beach chair is sturdy and lightweight. It’s built using durable materials, with an aluminum frame that’s strong and the fabrics durable.

Usually, the chairs are 500 lbs. and above in weight. And the height is considerably huge so that even the tall person is comfortable in his feet and back

Big Jumbo Heavy Duty 500 lbs XL Aluminum Beach Chair for Big & Tall

This Big Jumbo Heavy Duty 500 lbs for Big and Tall is not only a great chair for big and tall, but it also comes with diverse features to complete a thrilling experience at the beach. It’s durable and rugged. Just keep in mind that this chair does weigh more than most of the others on this list, at 16 pounds, making it a little more difficult to carry.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing the Heavy Duty Beach Chairs.

The market is not short of the heavy duty beach chairs. But while this wide range of choice is a good thing, it does often cause confusion which chair to choose and which one not to choose, which is the best and which is not, etc.

Which is the biggest reason that I organized some eye-opening piece of information right below to help you always have the right chair with you.

  • Weight Capacity

The first factor you want to avoid gambling on is the weight capacity of the chair. Make sure that the chair has the ability to lift your weight without any problems.

Note that the weight for different big people varies and so do the weight capacities of the chairs they are supposed to purchase.

The little secret I came to learn is always to buy a chair whose weight capacity will exceed your own weight by at least 50 lbs. Because you never just know what will happen in the near future as far your weight is concerned.

  • Size

The reason why many standard size beach chairs are not a thing for big boys and gals is that they are not wide enough to provide enough room for a heavy person. Size of the chair is expressed by the dimensions it comes with.

The seat must be wide enough, its depth sufficient and definitely a tall backrest. All these features have to provide comfort.

The wide design of the chair ensures that your stability is intact. So the notion that you might just fall is extinguished.

Extra Considerations

  • Heavy Duty Construction

The overall build of the chair must not be compromised in quality. All the materials used; right from the frame to the legs to the seating etc. must be made of high-quality components.

It is important that you consider the chair that comes with a heavy-duty construction. Such as that with steel or aluminum frames and reinforced welds and powder coating to prevent rusting.

A heavy-duty build means that the chair can support its user maximum. However, it doesn’t mean that the chair should be heavy to carry – in fact, it’s constructed to be lightweight but the purpose to carry heavy guys.

  • Portability

You also want to ensure that the chair you are thinking to buy is easy to move from one place to the next. Foldable beach chairs are the best for this function.

Many people tend to overlook this feature when it matters a lot nowadays. An easy-to-transport chair can save you tons of efforts.

Some chairs, especially with aluminum frames, are built with shoulder straps. These can be easily worn on the shoulders like a backpack.

Other models of the compact folding chairs come with a carrying bag for storage and hauling.

  • Weight and Height

Consider buying a heavy duty beach chair that’s not too bulky. It shouldn’t be low to the ground as well otherwise it would be hard time for a huge person to stand from a chair too close to the ground.

In Summary

I just hope that your difficult search for the best chair ends today. There’s no need to give up and shrug off the idea.

You don’t want to miss the fun. And this guide has provided you, the big person, with a great opportunity to realize your dream on the beach.

Thus, don’t die on the normal size beach chairs; those are not your type. Choose one of the heavy-duty beach chairs I have recommended in this guide.