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Best Boogie Boards For Kids | Boogie Board Reviews

kids boogie board

There is no funnier water sport for children than boogie boarding (bodyboarding). That’s why shopping for the best boogie boards for kids is a good idea.

A boogie board (or bodyboard) allows your kid to ride on shallow waves and get to improve their balance and maneuverability.

So, it becomes easy for them to succeed riding on high waves once they get older.

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But given that kids differ in body sizes, how do you shop for an ideal boogie board? I’ll provide you with a buying guide.

Additionally, I’ll recommend the five best boogie boards for kids on Amazon.

But if you are in a hurry, check out my best children’s boogie boards below.

5 Best Boogie Boards For Kids

  1. Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight – Best Overall
  2. Slyde Grom Soft Top Handboard – Most Portable Kids’ Boogie Board
  3. GoPlus Super Lightweight Bodyboard – Best For All Ages
  4. GoPlus Lightweight Bodyboard – Most Flexible Boogie Board For Kids
  5. BulletProof ‘Shaka’ Bodyboard – Most User Friendly Kids’ Boogie Board

Common Boogie Boards Terminologies

Before we can look at boogie board reviews, you should understand the meaning of different boogie board-related terminologies.

Here are the commonest:

  • Rails – Rails refers to a boogie board’s thickness, expressed as a fraction like 60/40 or 50/50. The former offers more control as the latter provides more speed.
  • Leash – A leash is a unique feature that keeps a boogie board close to the body. So, it helps your child to avoid losing hold of the boogie board if they ever get distracted while boogie boarding.
  • Tail – The tail is the end of a boogie board that influences its movement on the water.
  • Deck – A deck refers to the boogie board’s top, where you place your body. It comes in a foam bodyboard
  • Stringer – A stringer is a rod within the board’s core that keeps it stiff.
  • Fin Tether – Fin tethers are responsible for holding fins to the ankle. Like the leash, fin tethers ensure your child doesn’t lose hold of the ankle fins when distracted.
  • Slick – A slick is a slippery material on the boogie board’s bottom that reduces water friction.
  • Channels – Channels are bottom indents that distribute your child’s weight over the boogie board. They also help your child to move to the intended direction.
  • Nose – The top part of the board that you hold on to is what we call a nose.

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Buying Guide For The Best Boogie Boards For Kids

Consider these factors when shopping for a boogie board for your kid:

  • Board’s Size

To match your child with the right board size, you have to factor in their body sizes.

Generally, a boogie board will perform well when it’s not weighed down. Also, an extra-big board may not make it easy for your kid to maneuver.

So, check the manufacturer’s sizing specifications to ensure you get the right bodyboard.

  • Core Material

Core materials come in two major types; polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyethylene (PE) is weightier and massively more flexible.

Its downside is that it gets damaged by water over time unless a stringer strengthens it.

best boogie boards for kids

So, that’s where propylene (PP) has the upper hand. PP is 100% waterproof. Additionally, it’s stiffer and lighter.

Core materials may also come in combinations of PP and PE, and perfect examples are Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

The two are cheaper but reliable in performance.

  • Slick Material

The slick gives the best boogie board speed and strength and can come as LDPE, HDPE, or Surlyn.

LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and HDP (high-density polypropylene) are thicker and less flexible because of the polyethylene element.

Surlyn, however, is the direct opposite. The slick material is flexible and softer.

  • Tail Shape

Most of the best boogie boards for kids come with a crescent tail, which is the best. That’s because it curves perfectly around the kid’s tussle, making the board’s maneuverability effortless.

But still, there are a few best boogie boards for kids with rounded and square tails that are also maneuverable and kids-friendly.

Additional Consideration For The Best Boogie Boards For Kids

  • Application

Is your child serious about boogie boarding? Is the kid planning to boogie-board in the sea or swimming pool?

boogie board reviews

Out there are two sets of boogie boards. We’ve boogie boards for serious bodyboarders, and they come robustly-built.

We also have boogie boards for occasional bodyboarders, and they usually are toy models.

  • Board’s Extras

You have to factor in a few extras when buying a boogie board for your kids. For starters, consider swim fin tethers to hold the swim fins from riding away. So, get it if the boogie board doesn’t come with one.

You also need to consider if the board comes with a leash. If not, then get it. The feature will keep the boogie board as close to the child as possible.

It would be best if you also considered a storage bag for the boogie board. The bag will protect it against bad weather and improves its transportation.

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A Review of 5 Best Boogie Boards For Kids

They include:

1. Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight With EPS Core – Best Overall

The Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight With EPS Core is everything you expect from the best boogie board for kids.

For one, this boogie board is lightweight, thus buoyant and readily portable.

It comes in a heat-laminated EPS (expanded polystyrene) core and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) slick, thus extra durable.

The slick bottom also enjoys well-positioned channels that distribute your child’s weight on the bodyboard.

This boogie board for toddlers enjoys 60/40 rails to give your child better control.

It comes with a pro-quality wrist leash that ensures your child doesn’t lose hold of it when distracted. Plus, it features a crescent tail that also improves its maneuverability.

best boogie board

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight With EPS Core comes in sizes 33 and 41 inches. What’s more, it’s available in bright red, pink, blue, and green colors.

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Highlight Features

  • Heat-laminated EPS core
  • Well-positioned channels
  • Crescent tail
  • 60/40 rails
  • HDPE slick
  • Wrist leash

2. Slyde Grom Soft Top Body Surfing Handboard – Most Portable Boogie Board For Kids

The Slyde Grom Soft Top Body Surfing Handboard is another exceptional boogie board for your kid.

Measuring 19 by 10 inches, this boogie board is fun to use and comes in an ultra-buoyant construction.

It has a soft top that makes it comfortable for kids to lie on and comes in a hand plane shape that improves its maneuverability.

Slyde Grom Soft Top Body Surfing Handboard also has a butterfly slick to prevent friction

This boogie board for kid only weighs 9 oz., in consequence, lightweight, and comes in stylish colors.

children's boogie boards - best boogie boards for kids

Moreover, its compact size allows it to fit in most backpacks.

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Highlight Features

  • Ultra-buoyant core
  • Extra-soft top
  • Butterfly slick
  • Hand-plane shape
  • Lightweight construction

3. GoPlus Super Lightweight Bodyboard – Best For All Ages

The GoPlus Super Lightweight Bodyboard is another best boogie board for all ages. It comes with an EPS core that makes it resistant against massive impact and bad weather.

This kids bodyboard can survive all kinds of waves and comes in size 37-41 inches.

It has an HDPE slick that is generally stiffer and flexible to encourage smooth riding on waves.

In addition to being stiffer, this boogie board is also lightweight. That makes it buoyant and carry-friendly.

The boogie board comes with a wrist leash to ensure your kid keeps it as close to the body as possible. And more, it features a crescent tail and 60-40 rails to improve its control.

Additionally, GoPlus Super Lightweight Bodyboard has rear channels that balance your child’s weight. As a result, your child can choose to lie or stand on the board stably.

Goplus Super Lightweight Bodyboard, 37-41'' Body Board with EPS Core, XPE Deck, HDPE Slick Bottom, Premium Wrist Leash

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Highlight Features

  • EPS core
  • HDPE Slick
  • Wrist leash
  • 60/40 rails
  • Crescent tail
  • Rear channels

4. GoPlus Lightweight Bodyboard – Most Flexible Boogie Board For Kids

The GoPlus Lightweight Bodyboard is another portable, kids-friendly boogie board with an EPS core.

So, the core material is both weather-resistant and impact-resistant. That makes this boogie board one of the most durable in the market.

It features an HDPE slick that gives it stiffness and projection flexibility. Additionally, the slick bottom improves its wave riding speed.

This kids boogie board is lightweight to stay afloat. It comes with a wrist leash that ensures it stays close to your child.

What’s more, the boogie board comes with a crescent tail and 60/40 rails to boost its maneuverability.

It also features rear channels to balance your child’s weight.

boogie board for toddlers - best boogie boards for kids

Generally, this boogie board suits all kinds of waves and is available in different sizes.

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Highlight Features

  • EPS core
  • HDPE slick
  • 60/40 rails
  • Wrist leash
  • Crescent tail

5. BulletProof ‘Shaka’ Bodyboard – Most User-Friendly Kids’ Boogie Board

This boogie board by Bullet Proof ‘Shaka’ comes in an ultra-lite design to suit kids of different ages. It’s available in various sizes, and so you only need to select what matches your child.

BulletProof ‘Shaka’ Bodyboard comes with a premium-quality leash.

This boogie board features an EPS core that makes it weather-resistant and impact-resistant. Plus, it features a high-speed slick bottom that improves its wave riding.

The bodyboard for kids comes with rear channels and a powerful crescent tail to improve its speed and navigation.

It’s available in beautiful pink and blue color choices and is generally lightweight for convenient carrying.

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Highlight Features

  • EPS core
  • Rear channels
  • High-speed slick bottom
  • Crescent tail
  • Premium leash
  • Fin tethers


1. What’s The Difference Between A Boogie Board And A Bodyboard?

There is no difference between a boogie board and a bodyboard.

A boogie board is just a brand name for a Tom Morey 1973 bodyboard invention.

However, you should note that the term boogie board mostly inclines towards kids’ bodyboards.

So, some people use the term boogie board to refer to a kids’ bodyboard.

2. Which Is The Best Boogie Board For Kids?

The best boogie board for kids should come in a robust and flexible construction. It should also be easy to maneuver and should come with extras like fin tethers and leashes.

That brings us to these five boogie boards:

3. How Can I Use A Boogie Board?

The saltwater of the ocean can irritate your child’s skin. That’s why the first thing to do is to ask your child to wear a wetsuit.

After that, introduce your child slowly to the waves without using the boogie board at first. That builds their confidence, and it becomes easy for them to ascend a boogie board and ride on a wave.

When it comes to lying on a boogie board, ask your child to do it in the center. While at it, encourage them to raise their head and chest as if facing the shore.

That allows them to be carried by the waves with ease towards the shoreline.

4. What Should I Look For In A Kids’ Boogie Board?

For starters, you have to match your kid with the right size of the boogie board. You also have to ensure that the boogie board comes with the necessary extras like a fin tether and a leash.

It’s also essential that the board comes in robust construction and should be flexible. So, consider a core material like EPS (expanded polystyrene) or any other propylene-related material.

The boogie board should also feature a maneuverable tail, preferably a crescent option. Last but not least, this bodyboarding vessel should be budget-friendly.

5. How Much Do Kids’ Boogie Boards Cost?

The cost of buying a kids’ boogie board depends on its size, core material, and design. So, expect the water vessel to come at different budgets.

On a lower end, a boogie board costs $15-$50. But if you are looking for a decent boogie board for your kid with an EPS core, you may have to spare $50-$100.

Concluding Thought:

Generally, the best boogie boards for kids don’t come by easy. You may have to do detailed research.

But since you have read my post, you no longer have to do that. Just pick any of the five bodyboards, and your child will have an excellent wave-riding experience.