beach umbrella accessories

5 Best Beach Umbrella Accessories To Have Today.

beach umbrella accessories

An umbrella is a handy gear for escaping the harsh sun and rain on the beach. However, you can only get the most out of it if you pair it with the right beach umbrella accessories.

For example, you need a sand anchor to reinforce your beach umbrella against the strong wind.

Similarly, you require an umbrella hook to hang your towel, bag, and other small things by the umbrella.

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Those are just a few of the essential beach umbrella accessories to consider, and we’ll look at a few more.

We’ll also briefly look at how you can buy the right ones.

In a hurry? Check out our recommended umbrella accessories below.

5 Hot Beach Umbrella Accessories

  1. Classic Accessories Umbrella Bag – Best Umbrella Carry Bag
  2. AMMSUN 17″ Beach Umbrella Table Tray – Best Umbrella Table Tray
  3. ROLLMOSS Umbrella Bench Umbrella Holder – Best Umbrella Clamp
  4. Seabreeze Products Inc. Umbrella Anchor – Best Umbrella Anchor
  5. Pole-R-Bear Umbrella Hook – Best Umbrella Hook

A Buying Guide to Beach Umbrella Accessories

So, how do you know what accessory to get for your beach umbrella? Here are the questions to ask:

  • Can My Beach Umbrella Resist Bad Weather?
best beach umbrella sand anchor

The weather often turns extreme on the beach. As a result, your umbrella should be able to withstand the harsh conditions.

The biggest threat, undoubtedly, is a strong wind. Is your umbrella strong enough not to be blown away by the wind?

If not, then get the best beach umbrella sand anchor.

And is your umbrella protected against the sun and rain? If not, then get a good umbrella cover for it.

  • Do I Need To Place Or Hang Anything On The Umbrella?

Are you hoping to place your drink or phone off the ground? Then getting a beach umbrella table tray is a good idea in such a case.

Likewise, if all you want is to hang your towel, hat, shoulder bag, and glasses, then get an umbrella hook.

  • Can My Umbrella Stand Alone?beach umbrella anchor

You don’t expect to hold your beach umbrella the whole day. You have to attach it somewhere.

So, if your beach umbrella cannot stand on its own, then consider getting either a beach umbrella clamp or an umbrella stand (umbrella base).

  • Is My Beach Umbrella Portable?

Your beach umbrella must be easy to carry. So, consider its overall weight carefully, and it should fold easily for convenient storage.

About the last part, does your beach umbrella come with a carry bag? If not, then you have to get one.

You may also consider getting a new one if the existing one is low-quality or not stylish. Generally, a good umbrella bag should have well-padded straps and should be fashionable.

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5 Best Beach Umbrella Accessories

Generally, these five accessories are the best accompaniment for beach umbrellas.

1. Umbrella Carry Bag

Your lightweight beach umbrella deserves a convenient carry bag. The bag needs to feel comfortable and should be easy to carry.

It should also be waterproof and breathable to also serve as a storage bag.

I recommend the Classic Accessories Umbrella Storage and Carrying Bag.

Here’s Why:

The Classic Accessories Umbrella Storage & Carrying Bag serves as a carry bag and storage bag for your beach umbrella.

It’s made of a water-resistant fabric to store your umbrella away from wetness.

It also features a waterproof laminated undercoating as well as a dark splash that also encourages water-resistance.

This umbrella bag fits beach umbrellas that are up to 67 inches tall.

beach umbrella accessories

It has a dual zipper to allow you to access it from both sides and comes with a three-year warranty.

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2. Beach Umbrella Table Tray

Instead of carrying a large and bulky table to the beach, consider getting a beach umbrella table tray. Such an accessory lets you place your drinks, snacks, phones, books, keys, and other essentials.

So, you don’t have to risk the sand by placing anything on the ground.

It’s essential, however, to ensure that the pole of your beach umbrella is strong enough to take on the weight that you place on the table tray.

I recommend the AMMSUN 17″ Beach Umbrella Table Tray.

Here’s Why:

The AMMSUN 17″ Beach Umbrella Table Tray can fit umbrella poles that are up to 1.5 inches in diameter. This table tray has sections for drinks, snacks, and other essentials.

It is made of rigid anti-UV plastic, thus great against extreme weather conditions on the beach. The plastic material is also easy to clean and fast to dry.

What’s more, the installation of the table tray is almost effortless, and anyone can do it.

beach umbrella table

This beach table tray comes with a convenient carry bag to boost its portability.

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3. Beach Umbrella Clamp

In case your beach umbrella cannot stand on its own, then a clamp is a must-get.

Such an accessory holds your beach umbrella at your preferred height as you shelter comfortably under it.

Since the clamp will support the weight of the beach umbrella, it has to be sturdy. It should also fit the umbrella’s pole well.

I recommend the ROLLMOSS Umbrella Stand Bench Buddy Umbrella Holder.

Here’s Why:

The ROLLMOSS Umbrella Stand Bench Buddy Umbrella Holder is made of both steel and rigid plastic, thus extra strong to hold your heavy-duty beach umbrella.

It fits any beach umbrella pole with a 1.5-inch diameter. But still, it adjusts flexibly to handle different pole sizes.

beach umbrella clamp

The beach umbrella clamp also saves on space and is generally easy to install and clamp-on umbrellas.

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4. Beach Umbrella Anchor

There is no smarter way to prevent your beach umbrella from blowing away than using a sand anchor. It can be a screw-in anchor or sandbags.

I have a soft spot for the sandbags for beach umbrella since they are easy to pack. Once you get to the beach, all you have to do is fill the bags with sand.

And once you are ready to go back home, you only need to empty the sandbags and pack them.

I recommend the Seabreeze Products Inc. Umbrella Anchor in that case.

Here’s Why:

The Seabreeze Products Inc. Umbrella Anchor comes with a single barrel that you attach to the pole’s base and three sand pockets.

So, you must fill the sand pockets with sand to provide some anchorage to your beach umbrella.

The beautiful thing about the barrel is that it can fit any beach umbrella.

All three sand pockets umbrella gives your umbrella the utmost stability.

What’s more, they can act as storage pockets for your small supplies like sunglasses, cellphone, sunscreen, and keys.

sandbags for beach umbrella

Thus, they are not just sand pockets but also convenient storage accessories.

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5. Beach Umbrella Hook

So, what do you do with your wet towel after drying yourself? The smartest thing would be to hang it somewhere to dry.

Therefore, if you have a heavy-duty beach umbrella, consider getting an umbrella hook.

In addition to holding your beach towel, these beach umbrella accessories can hold your shoulder bag, sunhat, glasses, and digital camera.

So, you wouldn’t have to keep your beach essentials down on the sand.

I recommend the Pole-R-Bear Umbrella Hook.

Here’s Why:

The Pole-R-Bear Umbrella Hook fits an umbrella pole with a 3/4″ 1-5/8″ diameter.

It’s generally easy to attach the hook, and you can hang heavy stuff like beach bags, beach towels, and wet clothes.

Also, you can hook valuables like digital cameras, watches, and car keys.

The beautiful thing about the hook is that it’s readily portable. You can throw it in your beach tote.

beach umbrella accessories

Furthermore, its hooks are made of stainless steel, thus strong to bear heavy hangings.

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1. How Do I Ensure My Beach Umbrella Doesn’t Blow Away?

For starters, ensure you buy a heavy-duty beach umbrella. Coincidentally, most beach umbrellas that blow away quickly are generally lightweight.

You can also stop an umbrella from blowing away by using a sand anchor. It can be a screw-in anchor or sandbags.

2. Which Is The Best Beach Umbrella?

The best beach umbrellas should be UV-protected, rainproof, breathable, and portable. In that respect, here are my recommended best three beach umbrellas:

3. Can I Use A Beach Umbrella On A Patio?

Most beach umbrellas don’t come with a base, and you need it to use them on your patio. So, you can only use a beach umbrella on a patio if it comes with a base, which you can buy online.

4. Do Beach Umbrella Sand Anchors Work?

Most sand anchors work. However, they are more effective when the sand is less loose.

So, you may have a problem anchoring your umbrella in loose sand if you opt for a screw-in anchor. In such a case, however, sandbags are ideal.

5. How Heavy Should An Umbrella Stand Be?

Well, it depends on the size of your beach umbrella? If your beach umbrella is 9-foot, for example, then the umbrella stand should be around 70 pounds when the wind is mild.

However, if the wind is extreme, then the stand should be weightier than 70 pounds.

Concluding Thought

Now you know what beach umbrella accessories to get. So, it’s time to go shopping to get the attachment that you need. Hopefully, my guide can help you make the best choice.