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Want to Wear Gloves While Kayaking? Here are the 6 Best Kayaking Gloves For 2022

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy nature and get some exercise simultaneously. However, wearing gloves while kayaking can be tricky. There are several types of gloves, each designed for specific activities. Which ones should you choose? We’ve found 5 of the best kayaking gloves to keep you dry and warm.

There are three main categories of gloves: paddling gloves, mitten gloves, and fingerless gloves. Each type has its pros and cons. For example, paddling gloves are ideal for kayakers who want to paddle without having their hands exposed to water. Mitten gloves provide better insulation against cold weather. Fingerless gloves offer the best protection from wind and sun.

In a hurry? Check out this quick list of best kayaking gloves!

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The 6 Best Kayaking Gloves

  1. Glacier Glove’s Perfect Curve Gloves – Fleece Lined
  2. NRS Men’s Hydroskin Gloves – Good Grip
  3. IBPC Paddling Gloves For Women – Lightweight Fingerless
  4. Palmyth Stubby UV Fishing Gloves – UPF 50+ Fingerless Gloves
  5. XUKER Water Gloves – Neoprene (Wetsuit Material) Gloves
  6. HEYTUR Neoprene Paddle Mitt Pogies – Mittens

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1. Glacier Gloves Perfect Curve Gloves

The Perfect Curve Gloves are made of neoprene with an inner liner. This means they’re waterproof and breathable. They also have a removable fleece lining if it gets too hot or cold outside. The fleece lining comes in handy during the summer months as well.

These paddling gloves are available in sizes small through extra-large. They come in two different styles: one is designed for men and another for women. But regardless of which type you pick, they’ll fit perfectly.

glacier glove perfect curve gloves


  • The glove fits your hand perfectly, so there aren’t any gaps.
  • It’s comfortable because it doesn’t stretch too much.
  • Since it’s designed to fit snugly, it keeps your fingers warm even if you’re not moving them around a lot.


  • Some people may not opt for it because this is a more expensive option.

2. NRS Men’s Hydroskin Gloves

These NRS Men’s Hydroskin Gloves are perfect for those colder months when temperatures drop below freezing. The gloves are made using synthetic leather and have a hydrophobic coating on the inside, making them super water-resistant. They have a high cutback, so you don’t have to worry about your wrists getting wet.

Plus, since this glove has a silicone rubber palm, it provides an excellent grip on the paddle. It also has a mesh lining for ventilation. Also, unlike other paddling gloves, this model doesn’t have seams that would let water seep in. If you happen to get caught in the water, take off the glove by pulling it apart and then remove the Velcro tab. Then put on a new pair of paddling gloves immediately once you exit the water.

nrs mens hydroskin gloves


  • Thanks to this glove’s silicone rubber palm, hydroplaning isn’t a problem.
  • You don’t need to worry about getting water all over your wrist.
  • This model is both stylish and functional.


  • They are not gender neutral

3. IBPC Paddling Gloves For Women

Designed specifically for women, the IBPC Paddling gloves are a great lightweight kayaking glove. These fingerless gloves are primarily made for helping with grip, as they won’t keep your fingers warm. 

Something that makes buying these gloves extra special is that a portion of the sales of these items are donated to the IBCPC, which promotes a healthy lifestyle for people with breast cancer.

While these gloves say they’re for women, they will fit anyone’s hands, just make sure to check the sizing! These are sure to help you from getting blisters while paddling on the water. 

IBPC Paddling gloves


  • Good grip
  • Different sizes available
  • Machine washable


  • Run slightly large
  • Don’t keep your hands warm

4. Palmyth Stubby UV Vishing Gloves

These Palmyth Stubby UV Gloves are a great choice of kayaking gloves if you’re looking for fingerless gloves. While they won’t protect the tips of your fingers from the sun, the rest of it is UPF 50+

These are made for you to wear all day long, and keep comfortable while kayaking. To do this, they’re made of a quick drying and breathable material that stretches for flexibility, and the palm is made for keeping your grip.

To get these off, they have easy to grab finger tabs so you don’t have to wrestle with them to try to take them off when wet. 

palmyth stubby gloves


  • Quick drying material
  • Keep your hands warm
  • Sun protection
  • Gender neutral


  • Run a little small
  • Don’t protect fingertips from sun

5. XUKER Water Gloves

For full coverage of your hands, these XUKER Water Gloves are a great choice. They come in two different neoprene thicknesses, so you can choose if you’d rather 3mm or 5mm. The thicker they are, the warmer your hands will stay.

These have an adjustable wrist strap to keep sand or anything else from slipping in around your wrist. They have a rubber palm to keep your hands from slipping while holding a paddle too.

Made of a stretchy material, these kayaking gloves will keep your hands warm, moving around when you want them to, and keeping your hands from slipping on the paddle all at the same time. 

xuker water gloves


  • Keep your hands warm all day long
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Velcro wrist strap keeps water and sand from getting in


  • Not waterproof (but not meant to be either)
  • Have to follow size chart closely

6. HEYTUR Neoprene Paddle Mitts

Different from everything else on this list are the HEYTUR Neoprene Paddle Mitts. Also known as pogies, these attach to the paddle and you just slip your hands inside.

These are easy to attach to any paddle, having a velcro opening at the top for you to slip the paddle through. These are especially great for winter kayaking, keeping your hands warm while not losing feeling through a thick layer of gloves. 

With these, you are still touching the paddle handle with your fingers, and all of this is encased in a mitt. 

HEYTUR neoprene paddle mitts


  • Covers your entire hand
  • Keeps your hands warm and protected from waves
  • Fits every hand size


  • Water can get in at the wrist depending on your shirt/jacket
  • Don’t help with grip


Having the best kayaking gloves is a vital tool if you want to enjoy your kayak or canoe trips safely and comfortably. The quality of your gloves will determine how much water gets into your kayak or canoe while paddling.

To avoid getting wet, make sure that you choose high-quality kayaking gloves.