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6 Of the Best Kayak Shoes For Everyone (2022)

If you’re planning on spending some time in a kayak, you want to be well prepared for it. And that includes the right kind of kayak shoes.

Important aspects of kayak shoes is that they can get wet, as you have to get into the kayak once it’s far enough into the water, and that they don’t stay soaked on your feet while you’re kayaking. Other ideal aspects of kayak shoes include comfort, staying on your feet, and drying out quickly.

You can always kayak barefoot, but still will need something to slip into if you take a break on the beach or are just getting in/out of the kayak so your feet don’t get scraped up by sharp rocks underwater.

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So let’s get into 6 of the best kayak shoes for everyone!

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In a rush? Here’s a quick overview of the best kayak shoes:

Best Kayak Shoes

  1. DLGJPA Women’s Quick Drying Water Shoes – Best thick sole
  2. Crocs – Best quick-draining
  3. Keen Closed Toe Water Shoes – Best for kids
  4. Chaco Women’s Zcloud X2 Sandal – Best sandals
  5. Cressi Neoprene Boots – Best boots
  6. Vibram V-Aqua Water Shoe – Best Barefoot shoe

1. DLGJPA Women’s Quick Drying Water Shoes – Best Thick Sole

The DLGJPA Women’s Quick Drying Water Shoes are a great option for a shoe with a thick sole. They’ll protect your feet if you’re walking in the water or out.

One of the best things about these shoes is that if you’re traveling to a destination to kayak, these can be your everyday wear shoes too. This way you don’t have to bring a specific pair of shoes for kayaking!

The thick sole makes them easy to go on short hikes with, or walk around the city.

water shoes

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These shoes are quick to drain water out of the top and some holes in the bottom, making them perfect for hopping in and out of a kayak and keeping your feet dry.

Looking for the men’s version? Find them here.

2. Crocs – Best Quick Draining

While not extremely fashionable, crocs are a great water shoe, especially for kayaking. These will be comfortable to wear while in the kayak, and as they’re made of rubber, won’t stay wet on your feet.

The classic clog style croc is great for any size foot, and won’t fall off your feet in the water because of the back-strap.

Crocs have a thick enough sole that they’ll be great for going over rocky terrain underwater or above water on your kayaking trip.

unisex crocs

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Best of all, crocs come in a wide variety of colors, are unisex, and come in all sizes from child to adult.

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3. Keen Closed Toe Water Shoes – Best for Kids

Keens are a great choice for any sort of water activity for kids. These closed toe water shoes are easy to slip on and off, have holes in the side to allow water to easily flow through, and have a thick sole for any sort of terrain.

These Keen Closed Toe water shoes are the best kayak shoes for kids because they’re comfortable, kids can put on themselves but they won’t fall off, and keep your child’s feet cool in the hot summer days.

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These keen closed toe water shoes will keep your child’s feet protected while keeping them cool and dry.

4. Chaco Women’s Zcloud X2 Sandal – Best Sandals

Chacos are by far my favorite shoe to wear whether walking or being in the water. Since they’re a sandal, the water is just on your feet and just the straps really get wet.

The way these shoes are made make them fit your exact foot with the straps, so you don’t have to worry about your foot slipping and sliding around.

The ones I wear and prefer for kayak shoes are the Chaco Women’s Zcloud X2 Sandal. After a few wears, the foot straps will perfectly match your foot, and you can easily slip them on or off. Your feet will be quick to dry in these sandals, and are perfect for wearing on hot sand or rocky terrain too.

women's chaco sandal

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Or, if you’re looking more for a men’s fit, check out the Chaco Men’s Zcloud 2 Sport Sandal.

men's chaco shoes

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5. Cressi Neoprene Boots – Best Boots

If you’re a person who gets cold feet often, you might be interested in something that’s more like a wetsuit for your feet! While these won’t release the water and dry out quickly, the water surrounding your feet will keep you warm!

These Cressi Neoprene Boots are a great choice for kayaking, where they’ve got a strong enough sole for you to explore beaches from your kayak, as well as keep your feet warm all day long.

One thing to note with these Cressi Neoprene Boots is you might want to buy a size down to make it snug on your feet.

cressi neoprene boots
Cressi neoprene boots

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These boots are the perfect choice if you’re looking to kayak not in the summer, or in places where the water is really cold.

6. Vibram V-Aqua Water Shoe – Best Barefoot Shoe

Barefoot shoes might seem odd, wearing something that’s almost like a glove for your feet, and you can feel everything through the sole. But they’re actually great water shoes, and for kayaking. You get the same dexterity of being barefoot, while having a shoe on.

The Vibram V-Aqua Water Shoe is a great choice as a kayak shoe, because you’ll be able to navigate the rocks underwater easily, while drying quickly.

These barefoot shoes will keep the inside of your foot from slipping around in the shoe, while keeping you from losing your balance on uneven surfaces.

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These Vibram shoes can even be washed in a washing machine and air dried to keep them clean between adventures.

Keep in mind to look for kayak shoes that will dry quickly, protect you from rocky terrain, and that are comfortable! One off this list should fit what you need!