boogie board vs bodyboard

Boogie Board Vs Bodyboard | Bodyboarding Vs Boogie Boarding.

boogie vs bodyboard

The chances are that you’ll love body boarding or boogie boarding if you adore surfing. But it’s imperative that you first understand the boogie board vs bodyboard comparison.

So, we’ll compare the two terms to understand them better. That’ll help you decide whether to buy a boogie board or a bodyboard.

So, what is the difference between boogie board and bodyboard? Before anything, let’s explore a bit of their history.

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Best Boogie Board Vs Bodyboard

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Boogie Board Vs Bodyboard History

The invention of the boogie board dates back to 1971, and the guy responsible was Tom Morey.

Morrey made the first boogie board using newspapers and foam.

Interestingly, the boogie board was supposed to be known as SNAKE, but because the name was not catchy enough, Morey decided to change it.

Being a jazz fan and a die-hard fan of the boogie woggle, a jazz genre, Morey decided to use the word boogie. He combined it with his name, and that’s how he came up with the name the Morey Boogie.

difference between a boogie board and a bodyboard

Following his 1971 boogie board’s success, otherwise known as the Morey Boogie Board, Morey sold his license to a toy company named Kransco.

Kransco opted to produce variations of the original Morey Boogie Board. So, they were able to change their design and trademarked the subsequent creations as bodyboards.

So, some may argue that a boogie board is a brand type of a bodyboard. Overall, however, the man credited for inventing what we now know as a boogie board or bodyboard is Tom Morey.

Bodyboard Vs Boogie Board Comparison

Truthfully, the two terms are often confusing, and some people innocently use them interchangeably.

Well, let’s compare them under the following headings:

1. Boogie Board Vs Bodyboard Design

The primary boogie board bodyboard difference lies in the design. Generally, bodyboards come with more design elements as modifications from the original Morey Boogie.

For starters, these boards come with an array of core materials like polypropylene, expandable polystyrene (EPS), and polyethylene. Their decks also sometimes feature polyethylene.

The boards also feature stringers, which make them stiffer and more navigable. Additionally, they have rear channels that improve their grip.

Overall, all the design add-ons on bodyboards make them more hydrodynamic.  That means they move smoothly on the water.

As for boogie boards, they feature fewer design modifications to be less hydrodynamic.

So, they come with fewer core material options and grip features. That means they are more suited to hobbyists and not professional wave-riders as it’s the case with bodyboards.

2. Boogie Board Vs Bodyboard User Suitability

boogie board bodyboard difference

I mentioned that boogie boards are mostly suited to hobbyists because they are less hydrodynamic. Additionally, these water boards suit beginners, amateurs, and kids.

So, professional wave-riders may not find them enjoyable. As a result, if you are a bodyboarding pro, you should get a bodyboard instead.

Bodyboards have design modifications to suit all kinds of users.

Whether you are an expert body-boarder, an amateur, a beginner, or a kid, you can ride waves comfortably using a bodyboard.

So, which between boogie boarding and bodyboarding suits you?

Bodyboarding is an extreme sport. That means that even though you can body-board for fun, the sport is widely associated with professionals.

In some cases, bodyboarding is taken to be more extreme than surfing. So, it can be riskier and physically-demanding.

If you want a less physically-demanding wave experience, therefore, get a boogie board.

Boogie boarding is less extreme and user friendly. Anyone, regardless of wave-riding experience or age, can ride on a boogie board.

3. Boogie Board Vs Bodyboard Priceboogie board vs bodyboard

Given that boogie boards have fewer design modifications, they usually are cheaper than boogie boards.

So, if you are looking for a budget wave-riding board, consider getting a boogie board.

However, you should note that you may not have an easy time navigating the waters as you would if you were riding a bodyboard.

Bodyboard Vs Boogie Board Recommendation

We are going to compare one best boogie board and bodyboard to help you understand them better.

As you’ll realize, there is no chief difference between the two, other than what I have mentioned above.

Morey Mach 7 42-Inch Bodyboard

(Best Boogie Board)

The Morey Mach 7 42-Inch Bodyboard comes in a perfect size to suit beginners.

This boogie board can support guys who weigh 160-180 pounds and are about 5′ -6′ tall.

Morey Mach 7 42-Inch Bodyboard comes in a high-density polyethylene sleek bottom that improves its overall wave-riding speed.

The sleek bottom has rear channels that influence its steering. Additionally, it features a tough stringer that reinforces its strength and stability.

This boogie board comes with a crescent tail that gives you better wave-riding control.

boogie board vs bodyboard

It suits both genders and comes in stylish colors.

Check Current Price

Highlight Features

  • Larger deck
  • High-density polyethylene slick bottom
  • Crescent tail
  • Robust stringer

Bo-Toys Bodyboard Lightweight With EPS Core

(Best Bodyboard)

The Bo-Toys Bodyboard Lightweight With EPS Core is everything you expect from a professional-grade bodyboard.

It is lightweight to encourage maximum buoyancy and ease of carrying. It’s also rigid to boost its maneuverability.

Bo-Toys Bodyboard Lightweight comes with an EPS core, which makes it rock-solid in performance and durable.

Its durability is also due to its high-density polyethylene (HDPE) extra-slick bottom. The slick bottom features rear channels as well as a crescent tail to boost its steering.

Moreover, this bodyboard comes with 60/40 rails to give you more maneuverability.

bodyboard vs boogie board

It is 33 inches tall, a size perfect for all. The best part is that it comes with a wrist leash to ensure you don’t lose it when riding high waves.

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Highlight Features

  • EPS core
  • HDPE extra slick bottom with rear channels
  • Crescent tail
  • 60/40 rails
  • Wrist leash

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A Quick Guide to Buying a Boogie Board or Bodyboard

Are you looking to buy either the best boogie board or bodyboard? Then consider these tips:

Learn The Various Boogie Vs Bodyboard Terminologies

Here are the ones to start with:

  • Tail – This refers to the end of a bodyboard that generally influences its maneuverability. Consider getting a crescent tail as it’s the most maneuverable.
  • Leash – A leash is responsible for keeping a bodyboard close to your body if you lose hold of it. So, consider boards with this valuable add-on.
  • Slick – A slick refers to a slippery base material that reduces friction and improves the board’s riding speed.
  • Deck – This refers to the top part of a bodyboard where you sit or lie on. This part should come in a flexible foam build.
  • Channel – A channel is an indent at the base of a bodyboard that distributes your weight evenly for easy steering.

Consider Waterproof, Lighter Materials

difference between boogie board and bodyboard

Though some bodyboards feature polyethylene as the core material, it’s not as light or waterproof as propylene.

So, consider propylene instead or any of its equivalents like expanded polystyrene (EPS) or even ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

Opt For High-Quality Slick Material

Given that the slick influences the bodyboard’s riding speed, its construction should be of high quality.

Consider an option like high-density polypropylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE). They are thicker and steeper and as a result they’ll boost the board’s riding speed.

Size Is Key

Bodyboards come in different sizes to suit different users. So, it would be best if you got the sizing correctly.

Check the board’s size chart under the product description to ensure you get the order right.

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1. What’s The Difference Between A Boogie Board And A Bodyboard?

A boogie board is a Tom Morey bodyboard invention that dates to the 70s.

On the other hand, a bodyboard is a trademark for the design modifications that ensued after the Morey Boogie Board invention.

2. Where Did A Boogie Board Come From?boogie board vs bodyboard

A boogie board dated to the 70s when Tom Morey invented the first-ever newspaper and foam bodyboard.

Tom decided to change the bodyboard’s name from SNAKE to boogie. That was following his love for ‘boogie woggle’ jazz.

So, some people have always referred the bodyboard as a Morey Bogie or Just the Boogie Board because of that.

3. What Is Boogie Boarding?

Boogie boarding is the act of riding a wave using a square-like foam-filled water board known as a boogie board. Boogie boarding is a fun exploit that anyone, including kids, can try out.

4. What Is Bodyboarding?

Bodyboarding is the act of placing your body on a bodyboard and riding a wave. You can lie with your tummy, kneel, or stand on it depending on your preference.

5. How Do I Buy The Best Bodyboard?

You should look for a bodyboard that is correct in size. It should be made from the quality core and slick material and should be easy to use.

If you are a beginner or amateur, consider getting a boogie board instead. You can find some good options online.

Concluding Thought

We conclude our boogie board vs bodyboard post by clarifying that the design is the primary differentiator.

Generally, bodyboards are more hydrodynamic to suit professionals. Boogie boards, on the other hand, are less hydrodynamic to suit kids, amateurs, and beginners.