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What Are The Best Types Of Beach Chairs? Here Are 14 Kinds

When it comes to beach chairs, there’s an abundance of choices. From folding beach chairs to canopy chairs, and even beach chairs with footrests, the options seem endless. But which type of beach chair is right for you? And what do these different chairs offer?

In this article, we’ll explore the various types of beach chairs and share our recommendations for the top-rated ones that always deliver. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect type of beach chair to elevate your beach experience!

Need to buy a beach chair right away? Consider our top 5 beach chairs first.

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Our 5 Favorite Beach Chairs

  1. Rio Beach Lace-Up – Comfiest Folding Beach Chair
  2. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair – The Chair That Has Everything
  3. Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair – Easiest Chair To Carry
  4. Rio Big Boy Beach Chair – Best High Off the Ground Chair & Wide Seat
  5. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Chair – The Best Chair For Kids!

With that out of the way, let’s look into what beach chairs specifically are and what the different types have to offer!

What’s A Beach Chair & Why Should You Get One?

A beach chair, unlike typical chairs or camping chairs, is specifically designed for use at the beach. It’s typically lightweight, portable, and often comes with unique features tailored for outdoor relaxation, such as being foldable or having a reclining backrest.

Some beach chairs even come with a canopy for shade or a cooler to keep your beverages chilled. What sets beach chairs apart is their durability to withstand sandy and salty conditions, ensuring your seaside lounging is comfortable and hassle-free.

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Beach chairs are really popular for many people heading to the beach for so many reasons that can include:

  • Increased Comfort – They can come with an adjustable headrest, footrest, and recline to multiple positions
  • Convenience – the best beach lounge chair often comes with plenty of pockets to hold many of your belongings, while also easy to carry (even with the pockets full!)
  • Easy To Transport – Unlike regular chairs, beach chairs are made for carrying and lugging around on sand, making it much easier to move from one spot to another.
  • Support Special Conditions – Seniors and plus-size individuals may find it challenging to sit on the ground and get back up easily. That’s where having a chair can be incredibly useful! You can choose from various types of chairs to ensure your comfort. For example, users with painful arthritic knees will find an easy in easy out beach chair (built to be extra high) easier to use.
  • Durable – Most beach chairs are made of material that doesn’t rust easily, erode from salt, and are mold resistant.

Here Are 14 Different Types Of Beach Chairs To Look At:

Read through these options to decide which one is going to be best for you and fit all of your needs for a beach chair!

1. Folding Beach Chair

The most comfortable folding beach chair folds up easily for transportation and storage. You just fold it up and toss the chair in the car and off, you head to the beach!

This is the most common type of beach chair, and most will fall under this classification, but also have extra bells and whistles.

We like the Rio Beach Lace Up Chair as a folding chair, since the lace up makes it much more comfortable to sit in!

2.Canopy Beach Chair

Canopy beach chairsĀ are as they sound, a chair with a canopy attached! This is great when you want a bit of shade from the sun, but also don’t want to bring a separate umbrella. Just be sure to choose one that is specifically UPF rated to keep you protected from the sun. The Sport Brella Recliner Chair has an attached canopy and can even recline! What more could you ask for?

3. Beach Chairs With Umbrellas Attached

Very similar to a canopy beach chair, the beach chairs with umbrellas also offer shade! One advantage is that the detachable shade umbrella can be used separately from the chair, providing flexibility and convenience.

Especially great is you can choose to have the shade or not, whether you want to feel the sun on your face or take a break in the cooler air.

4. Backpack Beach Chairs

The backpack beach chair, as the name suggests, is designed to be carried like a backpack. It comes with convenient straps that make it easy to carry, leaving your hands free for all the other things you want to bring to the beach. In fact, it’s considered one of the most portable beach chairs available in the market! Check it out our favorites here: backpack beach chair.

Some, like the Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair even have a cooler pouch on them to make it even more convenient for you sandy adventures!

5. Beach Lounge Chairs

Beach lounge chairs are designed with extraordinary comfort and relaxation in mind. They are similar to folding beach chairs but offer more legroom, as well as headrests and sometimes footrests, to ensure the ultimate body resting position.

Some even have an open/close face cavity with a pillow and arm slots, so you can use it as a massage table, personal tanning bed, reading chair, or simply indulge in its immense comfort.

Take a look at this great example: the Pacific Breeze Lounger. It provides multiple reclining positions and extra cushioning, making it ideal for anyone with back issues.

6.  Beach Chairs With A Footrest

If you’re really looking to relax at the beach, look for a chair with a footrest built in. As the name suggests, these types of beach chairs come equipped with an attached footrest that can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

Some even incorporate a cooler or cup holder, so you have everything you need within arm’s reach!

7. Low To The Ground Beach Chairs

Usually, the most common types of chairs on the market are low to the ground. They are stylish but with a super simple design. It’s nice and convenient for when you’re going to the beach with people on towels or playing in the sand.

Then, a few including the famous Tommy Bahama Beach Chair are made of high-grade lightweight material that can hold 250lbs.

8. High Off The Ground Beach Chairs

Unlike the previous item on the list, these these high off the ground chairs sit at least 12 inches off the ground and allow for easier access. These are better for seniors or people with knee problems as they don’t require as much effort to get in and out of.

There are some which sit up to 20-inches from the ground, through most users are comfortable within the 12-20 inches range where you can find seats (Find the best high off the ground beach chairs for you here).

9. Wooden Beach Chairs

Most beach chairs you can find today are made of aluminum frames, to make them lighter and easier to carry. But wooden beach chairs can still be found and are a popular option for those looking for a more classic and traditional look. They are often handcrafted and made from durable woods, offering both style and strength.

The best wooden chairs have also all the usual desirable features of the other chairs, like cup holders and work well for other outdoor events such as concerts, BBQs, and picnics.

10. Padded Beach Chairs

For those who want extra cushioning and support, a padded beach chair is the perfect option. These chairs come with additional padding on the seat and backrest, making them comfortable for extended periods of time.

11. Heavy Duty Beach Chairs

If you’re someone who wants to ensure durability and strength in their beach chairs, then a heavy-duty option is the right choice. These chairs have reinforced frames and can support higher weights than regular beach chairs. Keep reading about our favorite heavy duty chairs.

Rio Gear has crafted an exceptional beach chair specifically designed for plus-size individuals, like this Big Boy backpack chair (300 lbs. capacity).

12. Beach Chairs With Wheels

For those who don’t want to carry their beach chairs, there are options available with wheels. These chairs are perfect for travelers or people with heavy gear and need the help of wheels to move around.

Many of these can also carry items in the chair while you move from car to beach, so you don’t have to make multiple trips.

The market leaders, such as the Beach Day Chaise Lounge Chair which can be folded to save on storage space when not in use and used as a cart on the beach!

13. Beach Chairs For Kids

It’s important to make sure the little ones are comfortable and safe on the beach. There are many different options for beach chairs designed specifically for children, with smaller sizes and added safety features.

For a fun addition, you can also find chairs that are also really cute, like this Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch chair that looks like a bug!

14. Best Beach Chairs For Elderly

If you need more support for while at the beach and ease of getting in and out, there are Elderly beach chairs specifically designed for this!

These chairs frequently provide back support to alleviate discomfort for older individuals with back problems. Additionally, they are adjustable, allowing users to switch sitting positions periodically.

Wrapping It Up On The Types Of Beach Chairs

There are a variety of beach chairs available to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight option, one with extra support, or a chair for your little ones, there is definitely something out there that will fit the bill.

When choosing your beach chair, consider factors such as durability, comfort, and portability. With so many options to choose from, you’ll surely find the perfect chair for your next beach trip.

So go ahead and start searching for the best beach chair that will make your beach days even more enjoyable! Remember to consider all your needs before making a purchase, and choose the one that seems the best fit for you!