Sand Free At The Beach: 7 Tricks For How To Keep Sand Off You At The Beach

Somehow I’m always friends with people who hate the feeling of sand. They’ll willingly go with me to the beach, but are constantly trying to avoid getting sand on their body, and will continually dust off any sand that does get on their towel. After enough years of this, I’ve learned some tricks for how to keep sand off you at the beach.

These are 7 tricks to keep sand from sticking to you!

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How To Keep Sand Off You At The Beach

It’s really unlikely to go to the beach and not end up with a single grain of sand on you, but there are some ways to minimize the amount of sand on your skin.

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Before You Go: Put On Sunscreen at Home

It can seem a lot easier to just put on sunscreen once you’ve gotten to the beach, but trust me – putting on sunscreen at home (at least for the first round of sunscreen) is going to keep so much sand from sticking to you.

Sunscreen is a type of lotion, and it initially makes your skin a bit stickier to the touch. And if there’s any sand being kicked up around you or even near you, some of that sand is going to end up in your sunscreen.

And there’s nothing worse than rubbing sunscreen with sand pieces in on your body. So keep the sand sticking to a minimum at first by letting the sunscreen soak into your skin on your way to the beach.

What to Bring: Use a Mesh Bag For Your Items

You’re going to want to bring a bag with you to the beach – and if you can, make sure that it’s a mesh bag.

A mesh bag will allow sand to fall through the holes in the fabric, rather than collecting in your bag.

This is especially important if you have any electronics like your phone or camera with you, as sand can really ruin those delicate items.

Choosing a mesh bag also allows you to shake out the sand from your items before putting the bag on your shoulder or back, keeping any extra sand from getting on you. (Check out our favorite mesh backpacks)

What to Wear: Wear Shoes On The Beach

shoes on the beach

This one is kind of a no brainer, but it’s easy to forget when you’re at the beach.

Wearing shoes on the beach will obviously keep sand from sticking to your feet, which can then be transferred to other parts of your body as you walk around. There are certain shoes that help keep the sand out, or are easy to get sand out of.

You can also wear flip flops to keep the soles of your feet from getting sandy, but you may end up kicking up sand onto the back of your legs.

If you don’t want to wear shoes the whole time you’re at the beach, make sure to bring a towel to brush off your feet before sitting down on your blanket.

Relaxing At The Beach: Use a Mat Under A Towel

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time at the beach, lounging on a towel, there’s an easy way to keep sand from sticking to your body.

All you need is an extra large beach towel and a mat – like a yoga mat or beach mat. This creates a barrier between the sand and your towel, so that the sand doesn’t go through the towel onto you.

This is an easy way for how to keep sand off you at the beach if you want to lay on a towel.

Relaxing At The Beach: Choose a Chair Instead Of A Towel

Alternatively, you can also choose to sit in a chair instead of on a towel.

This is a good way to keep sand off your legs and bottom half, as long as you make sure to brush the sand off the chair before sitting down. If you’re elevated from the sand, it’s a lot harder for sand to sneak onto you.

You can also bring a towel to put over the seat of the chair, giving you an extra layer of protection from any sand that might be kicked up.

(Check out our favorite beach chairs)

Relaxing at the Beach: Stay Dry On The Beach

Of course, one of the best ways to keep sand from sticking to you is to stay dry while you’re at the beach.

If you can avoid getting wet, whether from the ocean or just from sweat, you’ll be less likely to have sand sticking to your skin.

This can be difficult if it’s a really hot day, but if you can stay in the shade and drink plenty of water, you should be able to avoid getting too sweaty. (Check out our favorite beach umbrellas)

Before Leaving: Rinse Off In The Water

Finally, before you leave the beach for the day, make sure to rinse off in the water.

This will help get rid of any sand that’s clinging to your body, and it will also help cool you down if you’re feeling hot from being in the sun all day.

You can either rinse off in the ocean or at a beach shower, but make sure you do it before packing up your things and heading home.

How To Keep Sand From Sticking To You: Final Thoughts

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy a mostly sand-free day at the beach! There will always be sand at a beach, but at least there are some ways to keep sand off you or keep it from sticking to you while you’re at the beach.