kid in a beach chair

7 Best Children’s Beach Chairs For Any Kid This Summer (2022)

kid in a beach chair

Everyone loves fun moments at the beach. And everyone needs a spot to rest for a few minutes at least on the beach. So it’s a great idea to get children’s beach chairs! Then everyone can comfortably relax at the beach.

I’ll surprise you – even your toddlers need to sit at some point. Oh yes, they will play with the toys but in case they need to rest after playing too much, a comfortable beach chair will help their course.

However, I know is that there are tons of kids beach chairs available on the market, and it can seem overwhelming. There is a massive variety of the chairs with different styles, materials, sizes, prices, etc.

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In this guide, I round up some of the best chairs for your children at the beach, including some kids beach chairs with umbrellas.

In a hurry? Check out our assembly of the hottest kids beach chairs below.

7 of the Best Children’s Beach Chairs

  1. Baby Delight Go With Me Chair – Best For Most Ages
  2. Summer Pop n’ Sit Portable High Chair – Best for Babies
  3. Kelsyus Kids Beach Chair – Best For Toddlers
  4. Redmon For Kids Beach Umbrella Camp Chair – Best With an Umbrella
  5. Emily Rose Kids Toddler Folding Outdoor Chair – Best for Young Children
  6. Tommy Bahama Kids Beach Chair – Best Multi Position Chair
  7. Rio Beach Kids 5 Position Beach Chair – Best for Bigger Kids

Why Do Kids Need Beach Chairs?

Some parents or guardians may never see the need to bother carry beach chairs for their children. It’s understandable especially if you think that your toddler or baby probably doesn’t need it.

kids beach chair with canopy

But, in the middle or after playing, kids might want a break. And they may want to sit on something a bit more structured than a towel in the sand.

Also, if they have their own beach chair sitting next to yours, they’re less likely to steal your beach chair.

So, having a chairs lined up for them can be a moment saver. Unless you are contemplating ruining your outdoor adventure. Also, the sand can get extremely hot. This gives them some space away from the heat.

Last but least, beach chairs can be extremely handy for meals and drinks. Especially the chairs that are designed with small trays or tables.

Best Children’s Beach Chairs Reviews

1.  Baby Delight Go With Me Children Beach Chair

The Baby Delight Go With Me is a beach chair that grows with your kid. This chair adjusts to fit your baby of 3 months of age to a child to 75lbs, making this a chair that will last for more than one season.

And the good thing is that not only will you use it outdoors, but also it’s constructed for indoor usage. For your little one’s safety, the chair features a solid 5-point harness system that secures your child in safely.

The Baby Delight Go With Me is also designed with a stand and play feature. Plus, the child’s legs are well protected from bug bites thanks to the mesh net included.

This chair comes with robust, sturdy outrigger legs. With these legs, stability is guaranteed even as you sit your child inside it.

Better yet, the chair features a snack tray for holding your child’s food and drinks. It also has nicely-made wide arm-rests for great comfort.

Design-wise, you get a light-weighted chair that boasts long-lasting components!  For instance, the chair is built on the durable metal frame and 100% polyester fabric material that resists stains or fades, and mold.

kid beach chairs with umbrellas

Notably, there is a canopy that protects your younger one from hot, scorching sun. It’s a foldable chair that quickly unfolds for use.

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  • Lightweight and portable
  • High-quality components
  • Versatile
  • Chair for baby, toddler, and big child


  • Not great for older kids
  • Materials not removable for cleaning

Overall, this chair is a great versatile beach chair for kid to be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. Summer Pop n’ Sit Portable Highchair

The Summer Pop n’ sit portable highchair is a great option for a baby beach chair. This fits children 6 months to 45 pounds in it.

Bringing this portable highchair to the beach with you is great for snack time, this way you can ensure they eat more food than sand.

This highchair also has a convenient tray that attaches so the food has a place to be set down.

For safety this chair has a safety harness. For convenience, this chair has pockets on the back and a carry bag.

summer pop n' sit beach chair

If you’re mainly looking for a chair for your child to sit in and eat at at the beach, this baby beach chair is the perfect choice.

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  • Easy to wash in the machine or to wipe off with a towel
  • Wide legs makes it sturdy
  • Easy to bring with you


  • Only fits one specific age
  • Leg holes can be too tight

3. Kelsysus Kids Outdoor Kids Beach Chair with Canopy

Kelysus Outdoor Kids Beach Chair with Canopy is in a class of its own. The chair is designed and built to give your child the ultimate experience outside.

The included canopy makes the chair a great option for using under the hot sun on the beach.

Weighing at just 5 lbs., this chair comes as a really lightweight choice. Plus, it folds up nicely into a compact footprint for easy carry.

It’s richly accessorized thanks to the cup rest, a utility pocket, and wide armrests for forearm comfort. The chair rests on a sturdy steel-coated frame that’s capable of supporting your 3-year old up to 75lbs.

Kelsysus Kids Outdoor Beach Chair also comes with a carry bag with two shoulder straps which are sufficiently padded for easy, comfortable carry on the shoulders. Guess what? The chair’s canopy is actually the carry bag.

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  • Canopy converts into carry bag
  • Sturdy and durable chair
  • Appealing graphics
  • Lightweight and easily portable


  • A bit small for bigger toddlers

Overall, it’s an exciting children beach chair that you want to get for your toddler.

4. Redmon Kids Beach Baby Umbrella Camp Chair

Recommended Age – 2-5 years

This kids beach chair with umbrella only weighs 1 pound but can hold a child weighing 25-50 pounds.

Its frame is steel, so it is tough and durable. It also features tough polyester for the actual seat that ensures this seat will last until your child outgrows it, at least.

This children’s beach chair with umbrella collapses really easily when you’re ready to leave the beach, making it easy to pack up and leave. among the quickest to collapse, thus readily foldable.

This baby beach chair is safe, thanks to its safety locks that prevent it from closing unintentionally. It comes with a matching shoulder bag and a mesh cup holder on its right arm.

kids beach chair with adjustable umbrella

Moreover, its armrests are well-padded, thus comfortable.

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Highlight Features

  • Lightweight frame
  • Tough polyester
  • Matching shoulder bag
  • Safety locks
  • Mesh cup holder

5. Emily Rose Kids Toddler Folding Outdoor Chair

The Emily Rose Kids Folding Chair is a great option kids ages 2-6. It Comes with a carrying case, and can easily be washed if there are any spills or too much ocean water gets on this chair.

To make you feel more comfortable about your child using this chair, it comes with locks for the legs to keep them from accidentally being taken apart or from fingers being pinched when you’re not looking.

A really fun feature of getting this specific chair, is that Emily Rose makes a matching doll’s chair that you can purchase separately. This way your child and their doll can have matching seats while at the beach!

emily rose kids toddler beach chair

This is a cute beach chair for kids that they’ll want to sit in at least for a snack break while at the beach!

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  • Child safety lock
  • Sturdy chair


  • This only comes in pink, which might not be your child’s favorite color

6. Tommy Bahama 5 Position Kids Beach Chair

This Tommy Bahama Kids Beach Chair is a great option if you’ve got two kids, as it comes in a 2-pack.

It’s also one of the most comfortable chairs for kids ages 3-10, with the included pillow and the option to change it’s position. That way, if your child wants to lean all the way back, they can. If they want to sit up for lunch, they can do that too.

It does have safety lock hinges, so if you don’t want your child playing around with it too much and accidentally getting a finger smashed you can just set the safety locks!

To make this even more convenient, there is a water bottle pouch on the side.

tommy bahama 5 position kids beach chair

This is a great children’s beach chair option, especially if you’re looking to buy multiple chairs at once without having to worry about them fighting over which chair they want to sit in.

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  • Comfortable and easy to carry
  • Has a pillow attached
  • Child safety locks to keep you at ease of mind while at the beach


  • Only comes in a pack of two
  • Doesn’t fold as small as some of the others on this list

7.  Rio Beach Kid’s 5 Position Backpack Beach Chair

Talk about class, modernity, and ergonomics. That’s going to be closer the description of this Rio Beach Folding Kid’s Backpack Beach Chair.

Take note that this chair is for kids up to 100 pounds of weight.

While you can haul it easily, it does weigh 6 pounds, which might be a bit much for your child to carry.

Best of class materials have been used on its construction. From the durable aluminum frame that supports your child’s weight really well to the high-quality polyester fabric, this chair comes with great reputation.

The legs are sturdy and armrests solid and wide for taking on forearms quite easily. The backrest is tall enough and well-padded with a headrest for relaxation.

It also offers a large storage pouch in which you can paraphernalia. Then you get a cup holder for your bottles and cups.

This chair is foldable and therefore easily portable. A padded backpack strap is included on it for toting. It’s also made of fun material with surfers on it.

rio beach kid's chair

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  • 5-point recliner
  • Easy to carry
  • Beautiful
  • Durable components


  • A bit heavy
  • Some issues with the chair locking into place

Overall, it’s one of the luxurious kids backpack beach chairs that your child will love on the go.

Buying Guide for the Best Children’s Beach Chairs

Now, you’re up in the market to shop for the best children beach chairs. What things are you going to scout for in order to get perfect fit for your child?

Check the following things and you are guaranteed of a smooth buying process. However, you can just use this process especially if you didn’t find the right chair from my selected five above.

  1. Portability

Be sure to pick a chair based on its portability. The good news is that all the beach chairs featured on this list are lightweight and therefore easy to move along with.

Many beach chairs for kids out there follow suit. They are light-weighted and mostly easy to carry around, taking less space in the car trunk.

When talking about portability, take note of the chair designs with shoulder or backpack straps.

  1. Construction

Another very vital consideration is how well are these chairs built. It’s a paramount question because we’re involving the safety of a child here.

While the construction materials vary across different brands of the chairs, it’s important that the chair features strong, durable, and sturdy metallic frame with rugged fabric for assured safety.

To that end, aluminum and steel are the common components for frame building. While polyester fabrics are preferred for seats.

The baseline is to have the chair support your child well and comfortably.

  1. Weight Capacity

Factoring in the weight capacity is crucial because you know if the chair is going to hold on or not. If your child is the big type, you definitely going to need a large, spacious beach chair.

There are chairs designated to accommodate children from 3 months up to 6 months, 1-3 years, 3-6 years, and so forth.

Each of this come with specific weight capacities. Therefore, it’s up to your judgment to know which one suits the weight and size of your child.

  1. Accessories

Try as much as possible to look for well-accessorized chairs. Most of these featured accessories become really handy at times.

For instance, kid beach chairs with umbrellas or sun shades will protect the kid from the hot sun. Also, a snack tray will be great for drinks and food for the younger one.

Make sure things like the arm-rests are well-made and are wide enough to give comfort to the kid. Other accessories include cup holder and storage pockets.

In Conclusion

Generally, children beach chairs will give your kids another dimension in terms of what experience they gain at the beachside. They make your kids feel loved and part of the family trip.

But that’s not enough; these chairs provide ultimate comfort, relaxation, and the perfect rest place for them. So, I hope this guide has revealed pretty much some of the options you’ve been considering to buy for your children.

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