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The Best Kayak Seat Cushions To Keep You Comfortable All Day Long 2022

Kayaking is so much fun, but if you’re out on the water for a while, it can start to hurt. Which is why having a kayak seat cushion can keep your spirits higher and make you want to kayak for much longer!

Not only are kayak seat cushions great for keeping you comfortable seating-position wise, many of them help with temperature control to keep your butt warm even if you do get splashed by the water.

We’ve looked for the cushions that will actually make you more comfortable, and keep you that way all day long. No longer will you have to return home from a kayaking trip sore from just sitting.

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What we’ve looked for: either cushions that you can add onto the seat or entirely new seats to replace the ones that come with a kayak. Some of them include backrests, other uses, or are ones that are permanent fixtures to your kayak seat.

No matter what type of seat padding you’re looking for, there’s sure to be one on this list for you.

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The 6 Top Kayak Seat Cushions

  1. YAKPADS Cushioned Seat Pad – Best For Everyone
  2. Harbor Mate Sit-on-Top Cushioned Kayak Seat – Best Cushioned Seat Replacement
  3. CLIO Thickened Padded Kayak Seat – Best Extra Thick Seat Replacement
  4. Surf To Summit Hot Seat – Easiest Permanent Cushion
  5. Northeast Products Therm-A-SEAT – Best Multi-Use Cushion
  6. Hornet Watersports Anti-Slip Kayak Seat – Best Removable Padding

YAKPADS Cushioned Seat Pad

Of the kayak seat cushions on this list, the YAKPADS Cushioned Seat Pad is arguably the best for everyone.

It has a back rest as well as base, so it’ll keep everyone comfortable. It’s made to fit adults as well as children, so you won’t have to swap out cushions if people move around on the kayak.

This cushion will insulate you from the seat, whether it’s a cold and wet seat or a hot one from sitting in the sun. Made of gel, this seat will ensure you don’t get uncomfortable pressure points while sitting and will dry quickly if any water gets on it.

yakpads cushioned seat pad


  • Comfortable to sit on for most
  • Dries Quickly
  • Insulated to keep you comfortable
  • Gel molds to your body


  • Some people wish it had more padding
  • Not a ton of back support – just cushioning

Harbor Mate Sit-on-Top Cushioned Kayak Seat

While not specifically a kayak seat cushion, this is a full kayak seat. It’s made to replace any other seats on a sit-on-top kayak. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice if you’re looking to be fully cushioned for all of your kayak journeys!

This harbor mate kayak seat is a great choice if you’re looking for something more permanent.

harbor mate kayak seat


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Good back rest


  • Is a full seat, not just a cushion
  • Only works for sit-on-to kayaks

CLIO Thickened Padded Kayak Seat

This is another seat option, rather than a cushion to go onto a seat. But it’s a very padded seat to keep you comfortable on the water all day long. This should fit most kayaks, whether they’re a sit on top kayak or sit-in, making this an easy choice for any kayak.

It comes with everything you need to attach it to your kayak, making this a convenient seat to switch into. Made of Marine grade foam, this will keep you comfortable and cushioned.

This is also made of skid-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about you moving around in the kayak without it being you r intention to move around.

Regardless of the kayak you have, using this seat will make your kayak adventures much more comfortable than the original seats.

clio thickened padded seat


  • 2 inch thick cushioning
  • Easy to adjust for your needs


  • Have to replace the whole seat

Surf To Summit Hot Seat

This Surf to Summit Hot Seat is a great kayak seat cushion to use for nay kayak. This is a small cushion that just goes on the bottom part of the seat.

This is a really easy to attach cushion, as it sticks on to the seat. This makes it a permanent fixture in your kayak, which depending on how you think, can either be a great feature or one that you’re not looking for.

The cushion is made from thermal-molded foam, making this a comfortable seat that will keep you staying on the water all day long without nay discomfort.

surf to summit hot seat kayak seat cushion


  • Comfortable cushion
  • Sticks to the seat after peeling the backing off
  • Soft seat


  • Not for people with bigger bottoms, not as comfortable
  • Can be too thin for some people’s comfort

Northeast Products Therm-a-Seat

If you’re looking for a cushion that has multi-uses, this Therm-a-Seat cushion is a great option for you. Take it on your kayak, to a game where you’re sitting on bleachers, or on a hike and just need a soft place to sit.

It’s handle makes it easy to carry with you anywhere you go.

Specifically for kayaking, this is a comfortable cushion that will also act as a barrier to the cold of the seat.

northeast products therm-a-seat


  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Keeps you warmer on the water
  • Comfortable with 3/4 inch padding


  • Fairly small

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Hornet Watersports Anti-Slip Kayak Seat Cushion

The Anti-Slip Kayak Seat is a great option if you’re wanting something cushioned that won’t accidentally move around on you, as some other cushions are known to do.

The design of this cushion is also made to ensure you don’t slip around as you get splashed by water. This cushion is 1 inch thick, making it thick enough to give you padding, while thin enough to not make you feel way too far off the actual seat of the kayak.

Made of foam, this will keep you comfortable. And if it accidentally slips out of the kayak, it will float so you can easily get it back.

hornet watersports anti-slip kayak seat cushion


  • Will keep you from slipping around
  • Easy to remove from the kayak
  • Inch layer of foam to keep you comfortable


  • Not very soft
  • Some people hoped for more cushioning


Hopefully one of these kayak seat cushions tickles your fancy! Regardless of which you pick, one of these cushions will make your next kayaking adventure much more comfortable. You may also be interested in what to wear kayaking to stay comfortable on your next adventure!